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All these paedophile’s from Thatcher era only now being dug out. How many still being protected?

April 25, 2015

Sent to the Daily Express 22/4/15


Ann Widdecombe makes a valid point about Janner being unable to defend himself but also references Leon Brittan as being unable to defend himself, by virtue of being deceased.
Strangely, there hasn’t been much printed on Leon Brittan, whereas there are others, who are also unable to defend themselves, who have been freely discussed in The Media.
Cyril Smith is unable to defend himself, by virtue of being dead, but his guilt is accepted, by all. Most of the Media seem perfectly happy to speak of him as a proven paedophile.
Jimmy Saville, has been the subject of extensive media exposure and has even triggered a whole series of investigations of cover-ups and other offender’s.
Is there a difference in the scale of alleged offences, or is it simply a matter of political connections.
If, Janner is unable to stand trial, why not simply place the allegedly, irrefutable evidence in The Media?
Let’s see if other’s come forward with further evidence, as has been done with various non-political figures.


Published version 24/4/15:


If Janner is so ill make the case against him public

ANN Widdecombe makes a valid point about Greville Janner being unable to defend himself (“Janner should have faced court earlier”, April 22). “

But there are others, who are also unable to defend themselves, who have been freely discussed in the media.

Cyril Smith is unable to defend himself, by virtue of being dead but his guilt is accepted by all and most of the media seem happy to speak of him as a paedophile.

Jimmy Savile has been the subject of extensive media exposure and has even triggered a whole series of investigations.

If Janner is unable to stand trial due to advanced dementia which makes him unaware of what is going on, why not simply publish the allegedly irrefutable evidence?

Let’s see if others come forward to present further evidence for or against him.

P.M. for sale to NHS privateers. What are the chances of the NHS being saved?

February 17, 2013

Great piece in the Sunday Express, by Sonia Poulton, which encapsulated the whole sorry affair of the privatisation of the NHS.

The most damning items were the figures on politicians benefitting from this rape of the public purse.

Remember we paid for these Hospitals, not the politicians.

We paid for them with our taxes and our National Insurance stamps.

According to “Social Investigations”, 52 Tories, 9 Labour and 3 Lib Dem MP’s are financially linked to the firms buying our NHS. They also claim that there are 142 Lords with links.

These are the ones discovered. How many more?

It’s not all brown envelopes. These are their legal equivalence

The most notable and disgusting example is a donation of   Three Quarters of a  Million Pounds to Good old Dave, Our Tory Prime Minister.

Is there any real chance of rescuing the NHS from their greedy clutches, especially with so many indoctrinated acolytes actually believing that the process is about improving the NHS and  therefore arguing for it.

(MBA degree’s being the main vehicle for disseminating Friedman’s philosophy that State Assets should be Given to private companies).

As she (Sonia Poulton) said in her article, the process has been on-going since the Health and Social Care Act (2012) was conceived during Margaret Thatcher’s tenure.

The process was slow but progressed throughout the decades, with the re-evaluation of nursing pay scales and many nurse being downgraded.  is an interesting read.

The process continued under Blair’s New Labour ( his dictum, repeated by Lord Howe, is that  it doesn’t matter who provides care, so long as it is free to the patient. This is patent shallow thinking but one of those good sound bites, for which Blair was noted)

As can be seen here,, Tony Blair was a believer in the personal benefits of privatising the NHS.

We have so many people in power, whose fortunes are riding on this rape, that it seems unlikely that we will be able to prevent it, especially as it is being managed by Jeremy hunt, whose career is based on his (co-authored, 2005) book calling for the NHS to be privatised.

@number10gov. Mr. Lansley should thank Mrs. Thatcher for gulling so many Council House owners.

July 11, 2012

Tories for the shirking classes? This is a letter that I sent to the D. Express.

If I had been content to join the housing list and secured a Council House and, if then, I’d ignored Margaret Thatcher’s blandishments to buy that Council House, I could have had a very comfortable lifestyle.

I could have afforded regular holidays abroad and a new car, every three years.

I’d have had no worries about mortgage repayment’s, negative equity or paying for cowboy traders to do property repairs.

If my house suffered flood, or storm damage, The Council would have found me temporary housing, whilst my home was brought back up to standard; no worries about trying to extract money from insurer’s desperately searching for exclusion clauses.

In fact I wouldn’t have had the worry of insurance, at all and there’d have been no decisions about risking going without house insurance to pay for a family holiday.

At the end of my days, I would be laughing at all those suckers, who had scrimped and saved, only to see their house seized by The Council to pay for their nursing home care.

Worse, according to regular newspaper articles, these Council run nursing homes are often actually death houses, run on such a tight budget that staff are underpaid, illiterate sociopaths, who will eat my food for me, whilst I suffer in agony from bedsores, infected by having to lie in my own faeces.

Unfortunately, I worked hard bought my own home, survived !5%  interest rates, holidayed at home, bought second hand cars and saw my eventual state pension being deliberately eroded by annual below inflation rate increments, by Governments of both left and right.

But I have a cunning plan to evade the Morton’s fork, wielded by Mr. Lansley.

I’ll sell my house and use the proceeds to find a cruise ship that’ll take me as a lifelong passenger.

Every want will be taken care of, I’ll see the World and never have to pay another bill.

When the money runs out, I’ll climb over the rail and achieve a sweeter and more merciful end than that wished for me by MP’s, so obsessed with allowing me to vote for who gets access to the Upper House trough.

entrepreneurs or leeches

October 24, 2010


David Cameron’s declaration that the next ten years will be the age of the entrepreneur and will see a huge change in the nation’s fortunes is a frightening echo of a similar statement by Margaret Thatcher (presently in the process of beatification, apparently).
I presume this is in response to an article about Hargreaves-Lansdowne (, which claimed that Margaret Thatcher was the best thing to happen to entrepreneurs.
What the boss of Hargreaves-Lansdowne, referred to was the process of replacing our reliance on an industrial base in favour of a reliance on what was referred to as our invisible exports sector.
“Please Mr. Cameron, do not go further down this road”. 
Within a year of that declaration a national debt zoomed as Insurance companies tried to recover from taking bad risks in America’s Hurricane hit regions. Many LLoyd’s names went bankrupt and domestic insurance rates started their persistent upward trend.
This was a portent of what was to come in terms of further bonus driven mismanagement of institutional funds, where City Traders gambled with other people’s money. This was the road that led to sub-prime mortgages and the present sorry state that we are in.
Of course Hargreaves-Lansdown would like David Cameron to emulate Maggie’s endorsement of the entrepreneur culture, they are part of it. (
Stockbrokers and bankers will be snuffling up their bonuses and the Government will be printing P45’s, faster than the £50 notes that will be used to light the cigars of these entrepreneurs.