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@oflynnexpress don’t discount Miliband

September 29, 2012

The coalition have woke up to the fact that they are unlikely to be re-elected and see their only hope lying in Miliband fouling up, somehow.

The Tories will lose ground, because they are seen as toff’s, trampling on the poor (NHS, benefits) and private deals .

Nadine Dorries didn’t create this perception, member’s of the cabinet did. (Fox, Laws, Brookes, Murdoch, Coulson, Wisteria, Lansley, G4S, Mitchell, Osborne).

The LibDems will lose ground unless they shake off Nick Clegg, who is despised but  who has convinced himself that he has regained the trust of party members.

Vince Cable, made stronger by the anti-Murdoch stance, could regain Libdem support, if he can oust Clegg. However, it seems that Clegg no longer has a place in Europe and will fight to stay splitting the party along the “devil you know..” principle.

The Coalition is presumably hoping that Miliband will poke his head above the parapet but he has no need to.

As long as he commits no gaffes, he’ll still get the support of those, who voted Labour last time. Even if he doesn’t gain support, many Libdems and some Conservative’s will abstain.

With the debt that Osborne has created, the Coalition needs to drop the Brown legacy argument.

Cameron’s only hope(assuming no more corruption is discovered) is to break ranks and have a referendum on Europe, before a General election.

It’d have to be for a significant change; significant enough to draw in UKIP support and support of disaffected Labour voters.

@BBCNews. Why are TV news progs announcing Lansley’s plans as if he was doing us a favour?

July 12, 2012
When we are dying, we will be forced to accept a high interest loan on our homes It won’t be a case of someone standing over our deathbed, insisting that we sign away our homes.
It will be a fait accompli.
It will be a seizure of assets by the State, yet the Television News programs have presented it as The Government finding a solution to a difficult problem.
It has been presented as Government (specifically Mr. Lansley but with the tacit assent of all parties) doing us a favour.
How long before the decision is made to cap the number of days and level of care?
How long before a decision is made, based on the value of our home, to extend us a further, final favour?


@number10gov. Mr. Lansley should thank Mrs. Thatcher for gulling so many Council House owners.

July 11, 2012

Tories for the shirking classes? This is a letter that I sent to the D. Express.

If I had been content to join the housing list and secured a Council House and, if then, I’d ignored Margaret Thatcher’s blandishments to buy that Council House, I could have had a very comfortable lifestyle.

I could have afforded regular holidays abroad and a new car, every three years.

I’d have had no worries about mortgage repayment’s, negative equity or paying for cowboy traders to do property repairs.

If my house suffered flood, or storm damage, The Council would have found me temporary housing, whilst my home was brought back up to standard; no worries about trying to extract money from insurer’s desperately searching for exclusion clauses.

In fact I wouldn’t have had the worry of insurance, at all and there’d have been no decisions about risking going without house insurance to pay for a family holiday.

At the end of my days, I would be laughing at all those suckers, who had scrimped and saved, only to see their house seized by The Council to pay for their nursing home care.

Worse, according to regular newspaper articles, these Council run nursing homes are often actually death houses, run on such a tight budget that staff are underpaid, illiterate sociopaths, who will eat my food for me, whilst I suffer in agony from bedsores, infected by having to lie in my own faeces.

Unfortunately, I worked hard bought my own home, survived !5%  interest rates, holidayed at home, bought second hand cars and saw my eventual state pension being deliberately eroded by annual below inflation rate increments, by Governments of both left and right.

But I have a cunning plan to evade the Morton’s fork, wielded by Mr. Lansley.

I’ll sell my house and use the proceeds to find a cruise ship that’ll take me as a lifelong passenger.

Every want will be taken care of, I’ll see the World and never have to pay another bill.

When the money runs out, I’ll climb over the rail and achieve a sweeter and more merciful end than that wished for me by MP’s, so obsessed with allowing me to vote for who gets access to the Upper House trough.

Lansley’s #NHS bill to destroy GP’s

April 8, 2012

One problem, with Doctor’s being in charge of their own budget, is the same as that which faced school’s under last Tory Government; after L.M.S. was introduced.

I.e. Gov’t no longer carries the can when a decision has to be made about whether, or not, it’s affordable to treat Cancer patients.

The whole idea of a N.H.S.(paid for by National Insurance) is that, as with Insurance, generally, the cost of cancer care etc. is spread over the whole nation.

Under Lansley’s bill one G.P. could be faced with a cluster of high cost cases, while another has none.

What does a G.P. do?

He can strike potential high cost patients off his list.

He can “fail” to diagnose in time (risky in litigious Middle class area’s).

He can concentrate on the deserving cases, according to his own personal prejudices (using criteria such obesity, smoking, boozing, druggie, risk-taker, abortionist, etc.).

He can pare a little off general treatment (use poorer, cheaper hospital services) to enable the treatment of the high cost patients.

In short, he can make the decisions that the politicians don’t want to be held responsible for.

Following the American example, he’d need to take out Medical negligence insurance, because the ambulance chasing industry are waiting in the wings to destroy them.

@Unitetheunion backs Labour, do Unite’s sacked members?

April 4, 2012

Unite backs Labour.

Do those ex-members of Unite, who have lost their jobs, still support Labour?

Labour and Ed Miliband have hardly said a word about what The Coalition is doing.

Andy Burnham made a big fuss over Lansley’s NHS bill but what  was he doing when he was in charge? (hypocrite)

Labour and Baron Smith of Leigh (the leader of Wigan’s Labour Group, the one who uses Borough Life magazine to tell you what a great job he is doing…. we are paying to be spammed by him) happily went along with the cuts.

Labour and Baron Smith of Leigh are still considering fortnightly bin collections, despite a Tory subsidy.

@TheBMA Lansley’s ripping apart the NHS and all the BMA can do is play food fascists

February 5, 2012

Next time the BMA announces a diet diktat, just remember that their predecessors used exposure to Radium as a beneficial treatment, as well as Electrocution.

It was their advice that made boys at a public school smoke tobacco.

The leader of the report on alcohol admitted that they plucked the recommended maxiumum units of alcohol, for daily consumption, out of thin air.

The last is particularly significant as Health officials are still scolding the Public with warnings about exceeding this fictitious maximum.

Remember that a high BMI figures doesn’t mean your obese, if you are well muscled, despite what Health officials may say.

Remember that your body has evolved to cope with whatever diet is available and that Eskimo’s don’t eat any carbohydrates, red fruit, nuts, extra vitamins etc.

Recently some Europeans tried the Eskimo fish and blubber diet and found, after three months on it, that they were pronounced to be fit and healthy, by doctors.

The only stricture is that if you consume more calories than you use, you will get fat.