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we live in a world of meddler’s, complicating our lives to justify their parasitic existence.

January 2, 2016

Letter to the Daily Express (2/1/16)  in response to report that LGA has too much time on its hands.

I’m not sure if the Editor gets facetious, s,o if it is published, my intent will, likely, be subverted.

The Local Government Association has a lot on its plate at the moment with Local Councils all over the country desperately looking to implement budgetary cuts, demanded by the Chancellor’s austerity measures.
Local flooding must have also added to such problems.

It’s wonderful, therefore, that they have also found the time to concern themselves with the latest social issue of what has been called an obesity epidemic.
Their answer is for more food labelling. They want the calorific content of alcoholic drinks to be displayed.
I wonder, though, why only alcoholic drinks.
I would humbly suggest that it be extended to all drinks. I know that a fruit smoothie is more saintly than a pint of wine but how do the calories compare?
Of course, the real problem must lie with those who spend their week-ends on the lash.
Might I further suggest that they exploit their role as custodians of drink licensing laws and insist that pubs and clubs place relevant information on all till receipts, alongside itemised drinks?
This would be a great help for hen parties, ensuring that they don’t end their evening with more extra inches than they intended.
There seems greater scope here, than the L.G.A. has realised, for extending its writ. It may be necessary for its board to appoint an obesity epidemic control officer.
I look forward to hearing of more inspired suggestions from this body of high-minded men and women, as they seek to more closely shape the quality of our lives.