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QI: Amazons did exist.

October 31, 2011

The researchers for QI obviously don’t watch the discovery channel, where we have been told that the Amazons,  of the Greeks, are not myths but legends. The Society of warrior women, who cut off one breast, so they could more easily fire their bows and arrows did exist. Graves of some have been unearthed, along with their warrior possessions, including their horses.

Fancy them letting poor Stephen twitter on about Xena, S.America and the warrior women of Some African Tribe, without pointing him to the source of His beloved Greeks stories of the Amazons.


we’re all (not) going on a Summer Holiday

June 20, 2011

Greece has sold off all its State assets to private investors and has no means of creating wealth left, apart from Tourism.

Spain seems to be in a similar situation with extensive public unrest.

If the people of Germany and the UK weren’t so heavily taxed, to pay to keep Spain And Greece in the Euro zone , they could afford to, once more, holiday in those regions and re-stabilise their economies.

Obviously the situation is a lot more complex than I am painting it but I suspect that if the complexities were stripped away, it would break down to The Drachma and Peseta being re-instated and de-valued, enabling those countries to capitalise on their natural assets of Sun, Sea and Sand. Instead of Brits and Germans having  to give  money to The French to pass on  to the Spanish and Greeks, we could take the money over there ourselves and , at least get a holiday out of it.