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Question Time summary: Sod off, we run the country.

October 31, 2011

I’ve only just watched my tape of Question Time but my summary seems to be that on the EU referendum, the public was not (?)really interested and anyway the manifesto’s of all three parties might have sounded as though they would let us have a referendum but they didn’t and so it didn’t matter which of the three main parties we might have voted for, we weren’t really given that option.

So even though the polls showed a majority in favour of a referendum, we weren’t going to get one, because we wouldn’t give the right answer and the lesson of the Irish referendum was that it would cost too much, holding referenda until we got it right.

This was immediately followed by the discussion on Protests, where it was generally agreed by the politicians that we should be allowed to protest, in a Democracy, but not where it would attract attention, or force politicians to take notice.

Best would be to let the politicians get on with the business of selling off the country, as their counterparts in Greece are doing, and where, apparently, they are selling off whole islands to whomsoever can afford one at a bargain basement price.

It’s not clear, whether that’s with vacant possession, or whether those living there will now become serfs, again.

Of course it won’t be so bad here, as the Enclosures Act, dispossessed the peasants ages ago and all the land is now owned, most by a small group e.g. Duke Westminster, The Queen, The Churches.

I almost forgot MOD land that was seized for WWII; that could be sold off.

It’d be ironic if Germans bought it.