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GP charges would be the final end of the NHS @Ed_Miliband

May 7, 2014
I’ve just sent this off as a letter to the Daily Express, basically as a challenge to Ed Miliband about whether he is genuinely concerned about the privatisation of the NHS, Something I strongly doubt.
Government seems to be growing more and more disconnected, nowadays.
It’s not just a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing but a case, where the head doesn’t seem to control either of them.
In fact the recent Post Office sell-off seems to indicate that the head is incompetent.
This disconnect is viewed by the Public as the responsibility of whoever is Prime Minister.
At present it is David Cameron, who is enjoying the Global Jaunts and other trappings of office but the chaos seems likely to continue, whether, or not, Ed Miliband replaces him.
Consider the announcement that the BMA is to ask GP’s to vote on charging for doctor appointments.
One would have thought that NHS doctor’s were paid even if no patient kept an appointment, so it seems a political faux pas, if they can then collect cash from those, who try to attend.
We have one branch of Government spending vast sums persuading people to see their doctor for flu like symptoms, or because of bleeding from intimate places, or concern about unusual skin problems and we some GP’s complaining of their irritation with “time waster’s”.
Would you pay £10 to make an appointment expecting to be told that you only have flu and there is no treatment (with the implication that you are wasting the Doctor’s time)?
Doctor’s and Government created the appointment’s system, replacing open surgeries and house calls, at a time when we had a younger, working population.
We now have a large, geriatric population and a work force, fearful of losing their jobs.
Those in work and commuting, can’t get to normal surgery hours and have to weigh up as to whether their condition is serious enough to warrant taking time off and whether they will still be in need of treatment by the stated date.
This may be why some attend A&E; they’ve waited until, as with the Dentist and a toothache, it has become unbearable.
If they do make an appointment and, then, think they have recovered, they obviously won’t attend, because they can’t afford the risk of losing their job.
Consider, now, the ageing population, who will make up a lot of the G.P.’s appointments. Can they afford such fee’s, over a year of attendances?
If they make an appoiuntment and don’t keep it, it may be forgetfulness, or it may simply be that they are physically unfit to attend.
Potential Prime Minister’s need to bear in mind that pensioner’s and the lower paid still have the vote and will personally blame the occupant of Number 10 if this charge comes in, adding further stress to their lives.