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Men and women aren’t equal and it’s nothing to do with being fair.

January 25, 2016
As someone whose guide is “fairness”, I understand the feminist angst over a male dominated society and agree that it needs to be opposed.
The Victorian attitude towards Women and the Poor was unacceptable but Feminists will never win full equality, because the majority of men and women don’t want it.
That doesn’t make it right, it’s just the way it is.
I find myself equally uncomfortable with the sight of a Pakistani patriarch striding along with his family in tow, as I do the chav female pushing her pram like a chariot, whilst she texts and her 6′ skinny man follows like a beaten cur, with no need for a leash.
I much prefer the more common sight of couples walking side by side, progressing by a mutual understanding of each other’s purposes.
But look at any couple, even homosexual ones, and you see that they complement each other.
They aren’t equals. One will be more positive, or dominant, or thoughtful, or whatever.
Where they don’t fit, they learn to accomodate.
We have evolved to be couples according to the much maligned stereotype of a muscular male built to wander off in search of game and to fight off threats to his family. The female geared to a long pregnancy and lengthy period of childcare has to be prepared to endure long periods of quiescence and readiness to submit to the needs of her mate, in terms of helping him to protect their children.
I know the stereotype is not needed in our modern life, where, at present, Society, as a whole, takes on childcare responsibilities and male muscle has been largely superceded by technology, but the basic drives are still there.
Men still prefer curvaceous, smooth-skinned females and women still look for the tall dark and handsome male.
Women, in general tend to be passive, accepting and compliant. Men tend to be adventurous, aggressive risk-takers.
My mind-set is reflected in this letter to the Daily Mirror (sent 21/1/16)
On BBC Breakfast, there’s a woman complaining that women are paid less than men, for equivalent jobs, and are charged more than men for equivalent goods.
Then I read a piece in the Mirror about Gwynneth Paltrow; being criticised for her choice of swimsuit, whilst noting that it cost £104 and that she has a hot boyfriend.
The piece had to be written by a woman, because no man (obviously not her “hot boyfriend”) would be looking at the packaging.
The piece points up the reason, for sex inequality existing, as women’s attitudes, especially towards each other.
Re-write the phrase used earlier: “women accept less pay than men, for equivalent jobs, and pay more than men for equivalent goods.”
Whereas a man looks for a better paid job, most women look for a friendlier workplace.
Whereas most men will buy the cheapest item fit for its purpose, women search high and low for that item, which will make other women coo appreciatively.
Pay inequality will continue until the majority of women are masculinised and the majority of men are feminised.
It won’t happen because men like their women pretty and women like their men butch.