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the next revolution

July 26, 2011

Communism arose from the oppression of the masses, in Victorian times.
It’s dead and won’t come back.
Fascism arose from the oppression of the masses, during and after the Great War.
It’s dead and won’t come back.
At present, the political scene is dominated by Capitalism, which is growing out of hand.
Oppression is being seen throughout Europe, continues in China and other parts of The World
Unfortunately the elements of a much more efficient Police State are being put in place. Everybody’s details can be already be recorded in the minutest detail, including DNA signatures.
With face recognition software, legalised email/computer hacking and with GPS location (built into your mobile phone and your car) it would be difficult for any group to act against a capitalist version of Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot etc.
Al Qaeda has demonstrated how difficult it is to conspire against the enthroned powers. All Al Qaeda can do is attack non-combatants and provide the perfect test subjects for the exercise of I.T. surveillance.
We need a new political theory, religion or some sort of cause that can unite the masses in support of individual rights.
Communism and Fascism used force and bloodshed. They failed.
Jesus, Mohammed  and  Gandhi all preached peaceful opposition and they succeded. The first two were religions and have proven susceptible to perversion.
Gandhi’s passive resistance could be the way forward but it would have to be covert. E.g. everyone agreeing to boycott individual manufacturer’s, or retailers.
The “Denial of Service”principle, used by hackers uses the same idea and shows how it could even work in reverse i.e. swamping a particular government function with requests.e.g. Invading Town Halls with requests for postal voting application forms. Exposing the sham of elections by providing landslides in the safe seats and voting for the Lib Dems in all the marginals.

Biggest problem in this day and age will be finding a high profile, good looking, rich, charismatic leader. I’d offer myself, except I can’t boast those attributes.


Out of Europe

February 1, 2011
The Daily Express’s “Out of Europe” petition will undoubtedly make David Cameron and other party leaders take notice but it will not have any more impact than that.

All three main parties are committed to staying in Europe and believe that there is nothing that we can do about it.

Unless sufficient MP’s are prepared to ignore their party whips and the splash over from the Euro-gravy train, we will never achieve a democratic resolution of this situation, through the Ballot Box.

The only party of any significance, which is committed to an Out of Europe position, is UKIP and they only managed 7% of the vote in the General election. They’d need a much bigger press support to have even the slightest chance of electoral success.

Ironically it seems to me that Vanessa Feltz has offered us a possible route to cocking a snoot at the politicians, who daily trample on our wishes.

In order to save money by reduced policing, politicians at the Local level have begun invoking “Health and Safety” as a reason for banning any non-revenue raising public event, such as street parties, walking day parades, village fete’s etc.

What would be the effect of the mass of the people deciding to hold street parties to celebrate the Royal Wedding?

Taking  Wigan as a basis for some Maths.

There are 35 policemen/women for Wigan to police about 300,000 registered voters, 24 hours  a day, 365 days a year. Even swelling the ranks with CPSO’s and Specials, that is not enough to prevent street parties.

Total acquiescence to Police orders (only when they are present) would show how reliant Politicians are on Public compliance and cause politicians, if they are intelligent enough, to worry about ignoring the electorate so contemptuously.

 Gandhi got the British out of India by civil disobedience, maybe Street parties could be the start of an effective form of peaceful civil protest that could get us Out of Europe.

Politicians and Battery farming mentality

February 28, 2010
Response to yet another article on the wholesale prescribing of statins and concern about our political masters showing the same level of concern as some owners of battery farms show towards their animals.
I think it was Gandhi that suggested that you could judge a country by the way it treated its animals.
 As someone on Simvastatin I am concerned that I am being prescribed this drug by a politician.
My G.P. has been trained at great expense and earns a commensurate salary.
I place my health in his hands, trusting to his judgment and his adherence to the Hippocratic oath, a sense of vocation and the care for his patients that go with his profession.
Perhaps there is a justification for wholesale prescribing of this, the cheapest statin on the market. Perhaps this edict arises from the deliberations of a panel of Health Experts. However, knowing how politicians can believe whatever is most expedient and knowing how it’s usually the most sycophantic experts that are appointed to Government panels, I would feel much more confident of my prescription, if I knew my G.P. was not being ordered to follow Government Diktats on medical matters and that the G.M.C. didn’t seem so willing to compel Doctor’s to comply.