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March 25, 2010

hooray for the folks of Huntingdon, West Virginia.

Apparently, they made Jamie Oliver cry. What was his crime? Jamie Oliver is a self-righteous, public school (British sense of the phrase) prig, who likes to pontificate on other peoples choice of foodstuffs. I despise the arrogance of these people, who pervade the media of British Society, constantly talking down to us.

It seems that the Huntingdonians have an alleged partiality to eating pizza for breakfast. OK it’s loaded with fat and carbohydrates(bad foods, according to the food fascists) but we are supposed to eat a large breakfast (break your night’s fast) to get your blood sugar levels up for the day and give you a chance to work off the calories through your daily activities.

In your face Jamie Oliver and other prodnoses.

Footnote: I can’t stand pizza; it’s gloopy and expensive. Cheese on toast is much nicer,quicker and cheaper.