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We need protein culture technology.

August 19, 2014

I came across a video on Facebook, which purported to be an expose of marketing techniques but in actuality was a propaganda piece by fundamentalist vegetarians.

I know that vegetarianism is popular amongst my children’s generation, on ethical grounds but this video disturbed me, partly because of the way it was presented but mainly by the mindset behind it.

I’m from a generation, which knew what food shortages meant, who bought their chickens with head, feet and feather’s attached. we knew that animals were killed to feed us and a chicken was what we ate at Xmas, if we could afford it.

Our parents had come through a War, where people were blown apart.  Squeamishness was not normal and animal life did not appear to be quite so important in that context.

My parents had lived through the Twenties and Thirties and been vegetarians, because they had little say in the matter. Blind scouse was a standing joke. Death through malnutrition was common and diseases caused by vitamin deficiencies were almost unavoidable. State intervention (The Welfare State) to have vitamin supplements added to the plebian diet was a post war phenomenon and it  wasn’t until Windrush, when immigrant Caribbean children began to suffer from rickets, that Vitamin D was added to margarine (butter was expensive) and Calcium was added to white bread.

Foraging hedgerows for edible weeds, fishing canals etc. are modern hobbies. They were until, during my lifetime, a necessary means of supplementing one’s diet and preventing large doctor’s bills.  The Welfare State provided free concentrated orange juice to ensure children got Vitamin C but we still had family days scrambling through brambles to gather blackberries.

Don’t knock modern farming methods.

For the present generation six footers are common. In my generation, only the rich grew so tall

I’m just over 5’6″, which was near average height in my day but at 5’8″ my dad was considered exceptionally tall for his generation. The generation previous to his grew up under the Poor Law reforms caused by recruiter’s having to reject most of the applicants for Army Service, as being too weak and malnourished, with average height being 4’6″ (Puts the film Zulu in a new light).

If you’ve ever visited The Victory and gone below decks, take note that the ordinary seamen didn’t have to duck, when hurrying below decks.

It’s the access to fresh fruit and veg and especiallyto meat (think of the Beadle’s admonishment in Oliver Twist) that has created the tall healthy generation, which we see Today.

Interesting to note that American G.I’s in WW2 were 6 footer’s, whilst the Japs were 5 footer’s, reflecting the diet of those two nations.

It’s true that you don’t need to eat meat to survive and it’s possible, with modern access to fresh fruit and veg to be healthy but you still need Vitamin B12, which you can get from eggs. The only problem is that the present plentiful supply of eggs, depends on chickens and factory farming.

Those who enjoy dairy products, also need to bear in mind where these  come from.  If factory farming was ended, many modern breeds of domesticated animal would cease to exist.

Actually apart from any other consideration, the real problem facing mankind isn’t Climate change, or asteroid hits etc. the main problem is over-population and that may be behind this drive to encourage vegetarianism.

It won’t be enough and future generations will have to face up to The four Horsemen of The Apocalypse. It’s just a question of how they’ll arrive.

The better nourished will be best able to face them and I  fully expect the masses to be taken back to a pre-war diet, within another generation.

(Chicken Little and Soylent Green)