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@StrongerIn what do you mean when you speak of trade? @afneil #Marr @BBCNews

January 25, 2016

This a letter I sent to the DailyExpress (25/1/16), prompted by an item in the Daily Mirror. I would have sent it to them, except their Political Editor and Sub are obviously New Labour. Plus their letter column likes to pick a theme and print related letters only.

It looks as if the EU referendum campaigns will be waged with half-truths.
Voters will not be properly informed on the pro’s and con’s but will be subjected to scare stories, rumours, emotional slogans and what are, in effect, lies.
E.g. the “Stronger in” campaign has announced that “Britain’s trade with Europe is 55% higher than it would be thanks to our EU membership”.
Ignoring the attempt to confuse Europe with the EU, what does it mean by trade?
Most voters will assume that trade refers to exports, which implies concern for a loss of British jobs.
But Trade can also mean imports, which implies a lack of concern for loss of British jobs.
For instance a new wind farm near Port Talbot is being built under contract to Siemens, a German firm, which will import the steel from China.
Siemens will be taking a commission and putting it in its bank in Germany.
This would count as an “invisible” import.
Since joining the EU, there has been a huge increase in these “invisible” imports.
German and French firms have contracts for bus services, ambulances, train services, water supply, gas and electricity supply.
Even the refitting of one of the Queen’s was contracted to a German firm.
Then there are the tangible imports such as railway carriages being built in Germany, whilst British firms close down.
How much of that 55% increase in trade is to our benefit?
If it’s mainly imports then this “increased trade” is an argument for “stronger out” and it’s the duty of The Media to prevent politicians trying to deceive us with such ambiguous terms.

Economic war on a Global scale could be a consequence of Newly awakening China

May 26, 2012

A recent posting in Fullermoney makes an interesting take on China.

Its neighbours are Russia to North (past border disputes and “sabre rattling”), Japan to the East (successfully fighting above its weight, economically and memories of WWII) and India to the West (could outstrip China in rampant Capitalism).

These are all socio-economic rivals.

Throw in The US navy (and trade interests) to the South and that leaves China looking to Europe, or S.America as an economic ally/trading partner.  Africa is too beset by immature political systems and despots to be a challenge, despite its natural resources.

S.America is only just waking up to its potential and is not far along the road to Global competition, especially with big neighbour USA seeing S.America as within its domain/control.

Europe, with German dominance, is the most likely link-up for China but there lies a problem, because Russia will feel itself in a sandwich to both East and West, with its only possible partner being India.

Just the fact that these bloc’s are being forced to form, under Globalisation, creates a situation similar to the “Scramble for Africa”, which led to The Great War.(W.W.I)

Euro-crisis is successfully pauperising European citizens. #Occupy #NHS #Unions

February 10, 2012

Fullermoney reported that the CEB had sold a load of Eurobonds ( Gov’t speak for IOU’s) at 0% to SIG (Spain Italy and Greece).

These immediately sold their own bonds at ~6% to the banks (e.g. Goldman-Sachs).

So banks were effectively getting German backed IOU’s with SIG paying them interest at a high rate.

The only beneficiaries were the banks (e.g. Goldman-Sachs).

The losers (beside the German workers) were  the SIG electorate, who had to lose State assets, their own pension rights and chunks of state backed services, such as Health and Education, just to pay the interest on these loans.

Now the B.o.E. has announced £50 billion of Quantitative Easing (total now £325 billion), which essentially means that the Government has devalued the Pound again.

This acts against the UK people in three ways.

First their spending power is reduced, as the pound buys less.

Second the bank  interest rate is kept low, so pension funds actually lose value.

This occurs because the banks (e.g. Goldman-Sachs) hold the pension funds and charge a service fee for doing so.

Meantime, a doubling of iniquity, they are using those funds to buy bonds etc., knowing that if the bonds (remember they are actually I.O.U’s) aren’t honoured. then it’s not their money that is lost, it’s the pensioners money.

Third, The banks (e.g. Goldman-Sachs) hand over assets to cover this gift.

As these assets are undoubtedly SIG bonds, which could default, the Gov’t has effectively bought the equivalent of “sub-prime mortgages” with our money, which is based on our own bonds, for which we have had wholesale cuts in State assets, our own pension rights and chunks of state backed services, such as Health and Education.

All those who have been sacked from such services, can take comfort that they have enriched bankers.

In short, it seems that the Euro crisis is designed to provide a money-go-round, which at each stage is used as a mechanism to pauperise European citizens for the benefit of the Capitalists, who back the banks.

That’s presumably why they need such big bonuses for their troops. It’s to ease the consciences of those who understand what they are doing.



The message from French and German citizens seems to be that they, unlike their leaders, are not in love with the European Dream, nor with the financial mire that it has sucked them into.

September 28, 2011
I wonder if David Cameron is taking note of what’s happening to his two main protagonists in Europe, or is he trying to convince himself that all is well?
Merkel’s coalition party is losing seats one after the other and Sarkozy’s right wing party has lost control of the French Senate, with his Presidency looking to be lost, next year.
The message from French and German citizens seems to be that they, unlike their leaders, are not in love with the European Dream, nor with the financial mire that it has sucked them into.
Mr.Cameron might re-think his position now, before his support, against the wish of the majority of the British Public (this assumption being based on his reluctance to allow a referendum), proves as disastrous for British right wing politicians, as seems about to be the case for the Right Wing politicians in the rest of Europe.
Better that he appears to have deserted his allies than see his entry into the History books as the man who destroyed The British Economy by persisting with this folly.
I assume that, as a Conservative, he reveres Churchill and should, therefore take the lessons of Dunkirk and Dieppe as his guide.

If there was a General Election Tomorrow, Ed Miliband would become P.M.

September 28, 2011

If there was a General Election Tomorrow, Ed Miliband would become P.M.

Despite what politico’s say about his conference speech, he has said enogh to convince a lot of core voters that he is not New Labour.

It doesn’t matter if he holds true to his unspoken promise.

David Cameron became Prime Minister because og Nick Clegg’s support and voter’s abreaction to Brown and Blair.

Lib Dem’s support will fade away, especially as they will have to campaign as a subset of the Conservatives.

Lost Labour voters will come out to vote against Cameron, his disdain for the electorate’s wishes and the old Tories that are emerging from the woodwork to feed on the public purse.

The only problem for Ed Miliband is his avoidance of talking about Europe.

 Any “we must stay in Europe” statement,  will send many voters to UKIP but they are still seen as also-rans and probably won’t affect the outcome by much.

David Cameron: saviour of democracy?

September 8, 2011

In a way, I’m almost glad that David Cameron is refusing to listen to popular appeals to exit the European madhouse.
All three leaders of our main political parties seem to share an almost axiomatic belief that the British voter has nowhere else to turn but them.

 Party may  leaders believe that voters, such as reader Alex Smith, may no longer vote for their traditional choice, but that they have no real alternative.
Cameron, Clegg and Miliband probably believe that the next election can be fought over the Economy whilst other issues, such as European Statehood can be ignored.
They believe that sufficient of their core voters will still turn out in support, if only to prevent their opponents gaining power.
My hope is that as the tax and service cuts bite deeper, as crime, illegal immigration and  street violence continue to rise and as European leaders get bolder in their crass demands, more people will realise that our politicians just don’t care about the meaning of Democracy. Their only concern is access to power and the riches that it provides.
My hope is that our political leaders will be rudely surprised.
A few voters may switch to UKIP and some may turn to the BNP but it’s also possible that the core Tory and Labour vote may simply melt away as most of the Lib Dem vote already has.
This could happen to a much greater extent than Cameron et al might anticipate, with many Backbench MP’s clinging on by the slenderest of majorities.
Perhaps a new Coalition Government could be formed but it would be unable to Govern without the support of the minority parties and their own Euro-rebels.
Although David Cameron may believe that he has a mandate for a few more years yet but he could well be mistaken, as events  seem to be unfolding that could force an early election.
Angela Merkel’s support is unwinding in Germany, as her coalition Government loses successive state elections.
The efforts to shore up the Euro, which have led to her loss of support, seem to be increasingly frenetic and despairing and
David Cameron could be left with Sarkozy as his only ally, in trying to maintain Rompuy as European President.
Cameron’s arrogance could be the saviour of British Democracy, as Europe becomes unravelled and more voters become aware of Mr. Micawber ‘s economic principles.

British Bacon

July 26, 2011
Despite all that’s wrong with European membership, it occasionally throws up a ruling, which points up the decrepitude of our own Parliament.
The new directive to label packs of water-filled bacon as exactly that is a brilliant example.
Food manufacturers started using this “Golden Tap” in the Eighties, to bulk up sausages. They then realised that this device could also inject water into meat, so allowing them to defraud their customers by selling water at the same price as meat.
One consequence has been that you can no longer fry packaged bacon, because of the spitting. Even grilling sees the emergence of white fluids onto the surface of the bacon as it shrivels to half its size.
Isn’t it better that Supermarkets sell waterless bacon and other meats, at twice the price, knowing the customer will still get the same amount of meat, without being defrauded, without having difficulty cooking it properly and without all the flavour leaving the product with the exuded water.
I know that some say that frozen chickens have to be pumped full of water, so that the freeze properly, but this is no longer a valid argument, since vacuum sealing does the same job of preventing freezer burn.
Shame on our MP’s for allowing this practice of adulterating our food and allowing European M.P.’s to show the way.

open borders and national identity cards

June 10, 2011
On the face of it, having open borders within Europe sounds like a good idea. Just as Americans can travel across their land without let or hindrance, we would be able to travel across Europe without constant border checks and searches.

Except the situation is not quite the same.
Americans share a common language with common speech patterns and a common culture and can readily identify most foreigners in their midst, including other English speaking peoples.

This does not apply within Europe.


We have vastly different cultures and languages.


Few of us could easily cope in even our neighbouring countries, let alone those on the other side of the continent, without tourist guides to translate for us and to warn us about various hand gestures etc.
How would local police forces cope with distinguishing those, who were legally entitled to be within their borders, from those, who weren’t.
Instead of only needing passports, when we cross a border, we’d have to carry our passports with us continually.
Was this the reason behind trying to introduce National Identity Cards?


The French are known for their rudeness towards English speakers, who do not speak French.
The ability of French Gendarmes to demand the production of identity cards by anyone addressing them in English seems a recipe for trouble. Especially if those French Gendarmes had been distracted from their main job of directing transients towards Calais.
The idea of a United Europe is to bury old enmities but why would anyone expect open borders and a common currency to achieve what International football matches have failed to do.
In fact, past experience teaches us that such matches could be a source of extra strife, with local police demanding every visiting supporter produce his/her identity card over and over again.
European leaders may actually believe the dream will work and some of their handshakes may be heartfelt  but how many still count their fingers after shaking hands.

Deal with it

March 23, 2011

Oh Dear! Hawaii’s shores are knee deep in plastic refuse. Deal with it. Collect it up and re-cycle it. Stop moaning at me!

Oh Dear! Global Warming means sea levels will rise, London will be flooded. Deal with it.  Why, in this video conference age, do we need all head Offices in London? Move. Move to Higher Ground. Stop moaning at me!

Oh Dear! Our European overlords are making us do nasty things to the electorate. Deal with it.  Leave the European Union and stop Lying to me.

Oh Dear! Nasty loggers are chopping down the rain forest. Deal with it.  My furniture is all chipboard made from compressed, sustainable pine shavings. I can’t afford Teak and Mahogany furniture. Stop blaming me!

Whales etc. are being driven to extinction. Deal with it. I’m not (as far as I know) eating whalemeat and I’m not declaring war on Iceland, Norway or Japan. Stop whinging at me!

Deal with it. Do something besides moan at me or beg me for money. Try taking positive action. All I can do is write a blog and moan back.

Out of Europe

February 1, 2011
The Daily Express’s “Out of Europe” petition will undoubtedly make David Cameron and other party leaders take notice but it will not have any more impact than that.

All three main parties are committed to staying in Europe and believe that there is nothing that we can do about it.

Unless sufficient MP’s are prepared to ignore their party whips and the splash over from the Euro-gravy train, we will never achieve a democratic resolution of this situation, through the Ballot Box.

The only party of any significance, which is committed to an Out of Europe position, is UKIP and they only managed 7% of the vote in the General election. They’d need a much bigger press support to have even the slightest chance of electoral success.

Ironically it seems to me that Vanessa Feltz has offered us a possible route to cocking a snoot at the politicians, who daily trample on our wishes.

In order to save money by reduced policing, politicians at the Local level have begun invoking “Health and Safety” as a reason for banning any non-revenue raising public event, such as street parties, walking day parades, village fete’s etc.

What would be the effect of the mass of the people deciding to hold street parties to celebrate the Royal Wedding?

Taking  Wigan as a basis for some Maths.

There are 35 policemen/women for Wigan to police about 300,000 registered voters, 24 hours  a day, 365 days a year. Even swelling the ranks with CPSO’s and Specials, that is not enough to prevent street parties.

Total acquiescence to Police orders (only when they are present) would show how reliant Politicians are on Public compliance and cause politicians, if they are intelligent enough, to worry about ignoring the electorate so contemptuously.

 Gandhi got the British out of India by civil disobedience, maybe Street parties could be the start of an effective form of peaceful civil protest that could get us Out of Europe.