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@SadiqKhan what plausible excuse can remoaners use to force a second referendum?

August 1, 2017
Here’s a puzzle.
The majority of those voting in the referendum called for Brexit.
They were told that the economy would crash, yet they still voted to leave.
They were told they wouldn’t get a second vote, yet they still voted to leave.
They were told they’d lose their jobs, yet they still voted to leave.
So how can these be used as justifications for a second referendum?
Remainers say that Leavers were conned by Boris’s bus, but it’s not Leavers claiming they were so stupid that they believed what the Tories were telling them.
Only remainers are claiming that they believed them.
What other excuses for a second referendum have been put forward?
The Tories are making a mess of it?
Did we think any of our politicians were so skilled at negotiation that we’d leave the EU with a Europe wide party and a car boot full of going away presents?
When we actually get towards the end of this exercise and remainers are still calling for a second referendum, what excuse will they use to force one on us?
Will they claim a poll (a mini referendum aimed at a selection of people likely to have voted to remain) says we must?
Are they of the opinion that they can spend more money on a new Project Fear than was used last time?
That another £9 million Government leaflet, explaining the disadvantages of leaving, could be better designed?
The only case for a second referendum, would be if we end up inside the Single Market and the Customs Union but I can’t see it happening in that situation.

@bbclaurak @BBCTwo prog. shows that both #euref campaigns were about manipulating people

August 8, 2016

Laura Kuensberg’s program focuses on how the political experts fought the Referendum on demographics and tactics.

They were angling to manipulate public opinion and not listening to it.

People were asking for explanations of why they should vote leave/remain.

What people were really saying was “You’re the experts, stop telling us why WE should want to leave/remain and tell us why YOU want to leave/remain”.
“Why do you experts not agree?”
“You have the same inside knowledge, so what makes YOU personally want to leave/remain?”

We didn’t get those answers and that, subconsciously, caused suspicion.

The nearest we got to a personal answer, was from Corbyn and Farage, which was why the likes of Mandelson hate and despise them.

“Labour together” sounds good but can you trust a Lothario?

June 3, 2016
Labour Together has come too late.
Around here, there were four Labour clubs, within walking distance.
Three have been closed and demolished in recent years , with one taken over by the local community, as its only venue for a social gathering.
My impression was that New Labour no longer felt it necessary to nurture its core vote, having decided to become “Centrist” and chase the Tory voters, whilst trying to entice donations from Big Business
(instead of relying on the meagre income offered by a diminishing workforce).
Labour doesn’t have the money to replace these Labour clubs, where Councillors and MP’s could mingle with their electorate and learn first hand what they thought, whilst offering a place that fostered community spirit and a nursery for activists.
All that Labour Together can do is to continue their incestuous meetings in Whitehall and Townhall’s, assuring each other that they are all working towards a common end (behind Jeremy? or maybe Hillary, or Yvette, or someone more Right wing.) and that they have the key to understanding how to get Labour voters to want to not only want to stay in the EU but to want to bother to vote (mainly by autodial badgering).


#Devomanc, EU referendum, democracy

April 16, 2015

Sent to Daily Express (15/4/15)

I assume Stephen Pollard agrees with the Daily Express’s stand on an EU referendum.
I further assume that he abhors Miliband’s opposition to a democratic say on the matter.
In fact, the whole General Election is allegedly about Demcratic choices, so how can he laud the Tory Manifesto, which embodies another anti-democratic diktat, which is of great moment in this corner of The World.?
I refer to DevoManc
Osborne’s decision to impose an unelected Mayor on the people of this region, as threatened in The Manifesto, is highly resented by some and a cause of concern to most.
Admittedly this is a mainly Labour region, as witnessed by his co-conspirators being Labour backed councillor’s, but this authoritarian approach must mean that the leader’s of the Tory party are just as bad as Miliband and are happy to surrender any support that they might have had in the North-West.

Giving HMRC licence to raid our accounts is simply an extension of privatisation philosophy , so why are Capitalists upset?

August 28, 2014
Posted (27/8/14) to D.Express but not published.
I fully endorse Stephen Pollard’s attack on the The Government’s giving HMRC the right to seize our assets, without recourse to Law.
However; this attitude of mind has not suddenly sprung up out of some archaic political theory. It has evolved from a long-standing and fossilised view of political reality.
I notice that he was careful to blame Parliament, rather than the Government of the day. He was right to do so but, I believe, it was for the wrong reasons.
I’m glad that it was not a Labour Government in power, as he would have fouled up his well presented case with an attack on Socialism, ignoring the fact that this attitude, assumed by
all Parliamentarians, irrespective of party, has been the norm for decades.
I’m sure Mr.Pollard was, and is, a very strong supporter of the privatisation of British Gas, along with all subsequent sales of tax-payer funded assets and tax-payer subsidised services.
I also hope he sees and accepts the connection that I am trying to make.
For me, it is clear that the two party system has created a duopoly, which is neither Left wing, nor Right wing but serves its own agenda of self-perpetuation.
It’s concern is to gain greater power over us and to treat both Capital and Labour, as theirs to command.
It’s reflected in their refusal to let us have a say in membership of the EU, or the destruction of the NHS.
It’s reflected in their ever newer forms of taxation, including those raised by private companies and quangoes e.g. Hospital car parking charges, speed camera fines and reduced wheelie bin collections.
It’s as if we had hired a shepherd and he was not only selling us our own mutton, he was hiring out grazing rights on our pastures to our neighbours.
Perhaps, if Mr. Pollard were to look again at some of the policies he has supported in the past, he will see that they do encourage politicians to have this view of their role.

get used to being stuck in the EU

March 17, 2014

Another unpublished letter to the D.Express:

David Miliband knows what’s best for us.

Like David Cameron and George Osborne, he has a PPE degree from Oxford, so he has been taught to understand why we should stay in the EU.

They are all “leaders” and none of them need the Plebs telling them what to do.

Parliamentary Democracy isn’t about pandering to populist opinion.

True leaders are men of conviction, who like shepherds, oversee our dumb lives, deciding where we go, what we do, how often to fleece us and how long we can be considered to have any value.

He, like the present PM, has promised that if there is any major change in our relationship with the EU, he will let us have a referendum on that change.

What change would either consider sufficient to force them to let us have any say?

It is impossible to believe either would accept any change, warranting an IN-OUT  Referendum, except that of a landslide vote for UKIP.

As that is unlikely,  we’d better resign ourselves to poorer pastures under Franco-German governance

@DailyMirror @Kevin_Maguire @Fiona_Phillips Benn wouldn’t support @Ed_Miliband

March 16, 2014

There are many voices eulogising (rightly so) Tony Benn and denigrating UKIP’s anti-EU platform.

Many of these voices are those from the Left of politics, for whom UKIP is synomynous with racism.

These people see New Labour as their party, even when its leaders espouse right wing, anti-democratic views.

The British public has shown an interest in having a referendum on EU membership, some on the immigration issue but many on the basis expressed by Tony Benn and quoted in The Daily Mirror:

When I saw how The European Union was developing, it was very obvious what they had in mind was not democratic. In Britain you vote for a Government, so the Government has to listen to you and if you don’t like it, then you can change it.”

I’m a Socialist but I also believe in Democracy and so I’m being forced by New Labour and its apologists to vote UKIP, in 2015.

I may have to vote for them again in 2020, if we are still self-governing.

Question Time summary: Sod off, we run the country.

October 31, 2011

I’ve only just watched my tape of Question Time but my summary seems to be that on the EU referendum, the public was not (?)really interested and anyway the manifesto’s of all three parties might have sounded as though they would let us have a referendum but they didn’t and so it didn’t matter which of the three main parties we might have voted for, we weren’t really given that option.

So even though the polls showed a majority in favour of a referendum, we weren’t going to get one, because we wouldn’t give the right answer and the lesson of the Irish referendum was that it would cost too much, holding referenda until we got it right.

This was immediately followed by the discussion on Protests, where it was generally agreed by the politicians that we should be allowed to protest, in a Democracy, but not where it would attract attention, or force politicians to take notice.

Best would be to let the politicians get on with the business of selling off the country, as their counterparts in Greece are doing, and where, apparently, they are selling off whole islands to whomsoever can afford one at a bargain basement price.

It’s not clear, whether that’s with vacant possession, or whether those living there will now become serfs, again.

Of course it won’t be so bad here, as the Enclosures Act, dispossessed the peasants ages ago and all the land is now owned, most by a small group e.g. Duke Westminster, The Queen, The Churches.

I almost forgot MOD land that was seized for WWII; that could be sold off.

It’d be ironic if Germans bought it.