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tax versus benefits

March 25, 2010

It’s election time and the headless chickens are running around the country clucking for all their might.

We, as a country, are seriously in debt. Politicians of all parties will have to raise the money by increased taxes and we, the milch cows, know it.

It is galling to hear them attacking each other’s plans for raising these taxes, as if their own plans would be less hurtful.

The presiding party is talking of making job cuts, even after 13 years of so-called “trimming the fat”.

The heir-presumptive party is talking of savaging benefit payments.

All are keeping quiet about the obscene sums being handed over to the French (aka The EEC). None are considering rationalising the tax system and none are talking rationally on which public paid workers are essential, rather than adornments for political schemes. The threatened attacks on benefits make no mention of what will be done with the people, who are receiving benefits. e.g. will we be letting them starve to death, because there are no real  jobs for them.

I suggest that Government stop cutting back on essential workers and boost their numbers!  My reasoning is that the essential workers are the lowest paid workers; the ones, against whom most cost-cutting exercises have always been aimed. There would be more wages paid out but also less benefits. I reckon that when all the pennies have been properly accounted for, the drain on the public purse will not be much different and the benefits to our general quality of life will be increased. Savings could be made by reducing the number of overseers and record-keepers that have been needed to maintain the previous efficiency(?) savings.

Get out of the EEC. Forget about losing our markets, we don’t make anything, anymore.

Scrap all these niggling little stealth taxes, which mainly affect the lower paid and which probably cost as much to administer, as they raise in revenue. Most serve simply to make lives miserable.

Increase Income Tax and Corporation Taxes. These are simpler to administer and, because they apply the principle of  “from each according to his means, to each, according to his needs”, they are socially fairer. O.K there will be tax evaders but some of the staff freed from collecting other forms of revenue could be set to deal with attempted evasions through tribunal based judgments of each new scheme of evasion.

Examine Quangoes and pay levels of Council Officers. If a Quango is redundant, superfluous, supernumerary remove it. If the Quango chiefs are really worth £300,000 p.a. (that seems to be the typical rate), the private sector will snap them up. Council Officers seem to have been using “ratcheting” to boost their pay levels. Do a proper evaluation of the effort and effective intellectual input that their jobs require. This should not be based on the size of their budgets, departmental size or usual artificially enhanced marker, which encourage these people to empire build. Base it on the number of staff that they engage with on a daily basis, the number of hours required, the inconvenience aspects etc.  (bearing in mind that nurses, who are quite low paid, would probably outscore these people).

Stop taxing items simply because they are socially frowned on. If you want to get rid of  cigarette smoking, then make it illegal; don’t treat the taxation as if it were a fitting retribution for an act, which is a lot less damaging to Society than the unofficial Heroin trade that’s creating so much misery amongst those who have a habit and those who are robbed, or murdered, to feed that habit.

Why is a pint of bitter so highly taxed? The man having a pint of beer after a hard day’s labour, under the Sun, is punished to curb the excesses of  youth’s with their first benefit cheques. Like the Youth cares!

If I ruled the World, it’d be a happier place. I assure you.