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Economic war on a Global scale could be a consequence of Newly awakening China

May 26, 2012

A recent posting in Fullermoney makes an interesting take on China.

Its neighbours are Russia to North (past border disputes and “sabre rattling”), Japan to the East (successfully fighting above its weight, economically and memories of WWII) and India to the West (could outstrip China in rampant Capitalism).

These are all socio-economic rivals.

Throw in The US navy (and trade interests) to the South and that leaves China looking to Europe, or S.America as an economic ally/trading partner.  Africa is too beset by immature political systems and despots to be a challenge, despite its natural resources.

S.America is only just waking up to its potential and is not far along the road to Global competition, especially with big neighbour USA seeing S.America as within its domain/control.

Europe, with German dominance, is the most likely link-up for China but there lies a problem, because Russia will feel itself in a sandwich to both East and West, with its only possible partner being India.

Just the fact that these bloc’s are being forced to form, under Globalisation, creates a situation similar to the “Scramble for Africa”, which led to The Great War.(W.W.I)