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@amazon I foolishly ordered software through Amazon.

August 23, 2012

I just bought (or thought I had bought, but had only bought 1 million uses, provided I had a facebook account) my wife a computer game, from Amazon.
Bad enough that there was some sort of scammy leasehold condition, which I only found out on loading it.

Actually I didn’t succeed in loading it.
First there was one of those little boxes about a “.dll” file or something similar.

Then the Windows defender took over my screen with warnings about a virus, only to be replaced by my AVG anti-virus with the same warning and an immediate move on-line, without my permission, to try and sell me greater virus protection.

Yeuky enough………….. but, obviously, as it wasn’t going to work, I would have to return it.

Small print on packaging takes me to returns page, “Log in”, “read our returns policy”, (inside leg measurement), go to another site to see how to return goods and print label ( or I could post it myself, to a maximum value of £2 and a bit).
Parcel it up and send it back in good condition with this printout (my printer) inside and this label(my printer) on top.

If Amazon claims they didn’t receive it, they’ll take the money from my account anyway.

Find the nearest pickup point and take the parcel there.

Luckily there is one nearby, the package is light and I’m not housebound (whole point of mail order for many of their customers), as I often was a few years back.
I’d have liked to ask for an apology for nearly infecting my computer but there was no “contact us” email address, so I have to content myself with this means of warning others about buying software from Amazon