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QI: Amazons did exist.

October 31, 2011

The researchers for QI obviously don’t watch the discovery channel, where we have been told that the Amazons,  of the Greeks, are not myths but legends. The Society of warrior women, who cut off one breast, so they could more easily fire their bows and arrows did exist. Graves of some have been unearthed, along with their warrior possessions, including their horses.

Fancy them letting poor Stephen twitter on about Xena, S.America and the warrior women of Some African Tribe, without pointing him to the source of His beloved Greeks stories of the Amazons.



October 18, 2010

Back in July, I posted, querying a TV program that bemoaned the fact that archaeological sites could only be dated by carbon-dating and that this wasn’t terribly accuratew.

I wondered why these people hadn’t heard of dating by thermo-luminescence of pottery, which I understood to be quite accurate.

I was intrigued therefore by a new book (“Egyptian Dawn – exposing the real truth behind ancient Egypt”   by  Robert Temple).

 In this, the author mentions a new technique, based on Thermo-luminescence, whereby a former professor of Physics, Ioannis Liritzis, has dated the faces of stones, hidden from the sunlight, and in doing so has upset career archaeologists by disproving the accepted chronological order , for the pyramids, as derived from observation, context and guesswork or inference.

I’ll be watching out for the next Discovery channel presentation on this topic, to see if they prefer scholarship or scientifically established facts. I’ll also be interested to see if this technique throws new light on the Sphinx, which established Egyptologists insist is pharaonic but which evidence of weathering, by rain, suggests may be from an Ice Age culture.