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#NHS. Lord Howe dumps Dentistry scam responsibility on Local NHS

May 29, 2012

My only comment, on this dentistry scam, is one of scorn for Lord Howe. (see context, below)

He’s a man, who obviously doesn’t give a xxxx for the plebs, who are being scammed.

He obviously doesn’t give a xxxx for the fact that his Ministry does not exercise any control over the Dentistry profession.

He is probably only too happy to see further backdoor privatisation of NHS services and reduced pressure on his Department’s budget.

——The report found that dentists pressure patients to pay privately. For example a root canal on the NHS costs £48, privately it can cost £478.

——-Health Minister Lord Howe said: “Denying patients care on the basis of misinformation is a very serious matter. Any dentist who does, this risks breaching their contract and we would expect the local NHS to take action”

Why dump it on the local NHS? He’s the man in charge.