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@daily_politics ..@DailyMirror survey says 2/3 don’t want a second #EUref. Most want quick #Brexit

September 7, 2017

The Daily Mirror’s survey raises the point that voters were given insufficient information on the EU referendum to enable them to make valid choices and, then, it proceeds to give us hard facts from its survey.
The problem is that the way it’s presented actually misinforms.
For instance, we’re told that 66.6%, of those voting remain, and 12.8% of those voting leave, want a second referendum.
Anyone who has watched “8 out of 10 cats does Countdown” can see the abysmal Math ability of non-specialists.
It is highly likely that too many Daily Mirror readers would read these hard facts as:
(66.6 + 12.8 =) 79.4% want a second EU referendum.
If the Daily Mirror were truly concerned about voters being given enough information to make sound choices, then it would provide the simple analysis,below.

The vote in the EU referendum was51.9% leave 48.1% remain

66.6% of 48.1% = 32.0% remainers
& 12.8% of 51.9% = 6.6% leavers
—————–> 38.6% wanted a second vote

check the complementary figures

(100-66.6=) 33.4% of 48.1% = 16.1% remainers
& (100-12.8=) 87.2% of 51.9% = 45.3% leavers
—————–> 61.4% don’t want a second vote

It shows that if their survey were applied to the way votes had been cast, the correct conclusion is very different, from the one that readers might infer.
Only about one third of the people, whom they had surveyed, wanted a second referendum.
Twice as many didn’t want another referendum.
This is the hypocrisy of The Media in its presentation of “facts”

And a little warning for Keir Starmer.

The Daily Mirror survey says that 45.6% of those they surveyed supported Labour’s delayed withdrawal from the EU.                That’s slightly less than those who voted to Remain (48.1%).
Put another way, the 51.9% who voted to leave has risen to 54.4%, who don’t want the delayed withdrawal, which Keir and the old guard hope will kill off Brexit.


@DailyMirror Jack Blanchard should name the malcontents or tell them to “put up, or shut up”

December 21, 2015

email to Daily Mirror 21/12/15:

I found the item by Jack Blanchard to be biased and deeply worrying.
He refers to “moderate” MP’s wanting to oust the leader elected by Labour member’s.
While it may be fair to describe Jeremy to be on the Left Wing of the party, it must be surely be more correct to label these rebel MP’s as being Right Wingers. Otherwise, he’s implying that many Labour MP’s are further Right than these rebels.
His repeated reference to unnamed Senior sources speaks volumes about the character of those he is fronting.
Why hasn’t the cowardly “One Shadow Cabinet Source” resigned, instead of casting suspicion on all members of the Shadow Cabinet.
Shouldn’t the Editor of this paper, allegedly representing the ordinary Labour voter, be calling on MP’s to support the leader, for whom they have voted?
Shouldn’t the Editor of this paper be a supporter of Democracy rather than giving air to a mouthpiece for those at the back of the classroom.
They speak of ousting Jeremy Corbyn but how? The voters would just re-instate him.
Or, is it to be a coup? Some procedural manoeuvre in closed session to exclude ordinary members from voting? Something worthy of Militant Tendency?
If there is a coup, ending any pretence of Democracy, it’ll be the death of The Labour Party.
So far they’ve relied on people of my generation, from the Industrial area’s, to continue voting against the Tories.
But the Industry has gone and the Folk History is dying along with those who remember it.
Why would people vote for Moderate Tories, rather than Austerity Tories, or UKIP Tories?
It appears that two of those parties will be uniting to get us to vote to stay in the EU, just as they united to get Scotland to stay in the Union, probably with the same degree of sincere pledges.
Nigel Farage must feel gleeful, after reading Jack Blanchard’s News story.

@DailyMirror @Kevin_Maguire @Fiona_Phillips Benn wouldn’t support @Ed_Miliband

March 16, 2014

There are many voices eulogising (rightly so) Tony Benn and denigrating UKIP’s anti-EU platform.

Many of these voices are those from the Left of politics, for whom UKIP is synomynous with racism.

These people see New Labour as their party, even when its leaders espouse right wing, anti-democratic views.

The British public has shown an interest in having a referendum on EU membership, some on the immigration issue but many on the basis expressed by Tony Benn and quoted in The Daily Mirror:

When I saw how The European Union was developing, it was very obvious what they had in mind was not democratic. In Britain you vote for a Government, so the Government has to listen to you and if you don’t like it, then you can change it.”

I’m a Socialist but I also believe in Democracy and so I’m being forced by New Labour and its apologists to vote UKIP, in 2015.

I may have to vote for them again in 2020, if we are still self-governing.

Tony Parsons’: ace columnist

August 13, 2011

I am continually knocked back by Tony Parsons’ column in the Mirror.

 I keep thinking that I’ve settled the truth, in my own mind; then I read Tony Parsons and I’m left thinking “damn! that’s the view that I should have come up with.” .

It seems that I always end up in almost total agreement with whatever take he has on an issue and wishing that I had been able to formulate my own thoughts so well.

Dave’s big society

February 19, 2011
This was an email in response to a Tony Parson’s (usually vey insightful and has frequently made me re-appraise a view point) column in the Daily Mirror

Tony Parsons has missed the mark in his claim that the reason that Cameron’s “Big Society” is a dead parrot is that Cameron is not an inspirational leader.

While it may be true that he is not inspirational, the reason that his version of “The Big Society” will fail is that, as with all of Today’s politicians, he thinks that leadership derives from making speeches.

The most commonly taken example  of inspirational leadership is that of Churchill.

But it wasn’t his inspirational speeches that gave substances to his version of a Big Society, it was effective Government.

Churchill’s Government didn’t just hope that lads would substitute for miners, girls, for farm labourers and old men for a Home Guard.

They didn’t just pray that a fleet of small boats would set sail for Dunkirk.

They organised and facilitated these activities, along with salvage drives and instructions on how to manage limited household budgets.

The real curse of modern politicians is that they don’t Govern, they parade.