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300 Afghan interpreter’s wouldn’t make a difference to the immigration numbers.

April 16, 2015
A letter to the Daily Express (15/4/15)
I have to agree with Ann Widdecombe on how Government treats those, who protect us and serve our interests.
The treatment of the Gurkha’s was shabby and the British Public made its views known.
The treatment of our own squaddies, particularly those needing medical aid has never been very good.
Again popular support has been expressed in terms of Poppy sales and the more recent “Help for Heroes”, to supply the cash that Government has denied them.
The powers-that-be seem to have no compassion for “other ranks” and our subordinate allies, although they thrive on the Pomp and Circumstance of Commemoration Services and Medal Ceremonies.
In the case of the 300 (not many!) interpreters; surely, if Government had any conscience, a special Act of Parliament would have been nodded through. A clause requiring sponsorship from those who had relied on them, would have been enough to limit it to the deserving cases.
This didn’t happen but, then, anything associated with the MOD does seem to hark back to the class attitudes of the Victorian era.
The indifference shown to the fate of those who served is reflected in other area’s of Government, which legislates in a manner that can only be applied to those, who wish to be good citizens.
It’s home owner’s and worker’s, whom the Law prosecutes and whom the taxman prey’s on.
The reliance on fines as the main instrument for implementing Law seems to have become just another tax on that same group, as the non-conforming simply walk off laughing, knowing that they won’t be made to pay.
When we’ve posted our votes, shortly, we’ll be quickly forgotten, until the next General election, just as soldiers are forgotten, until the next enemy attacks.
If the electorate were able to vote for Noneoftheabove, would anything be different?