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@TheGreenParty time to stop persecuting us for Global Warming and help us survive it

May 10, 2017

It’s now an established political truth that the World is getting hotter and it is caused by the burning of fossil fuels.
This is also persistently proclaimed, by climatologists, as a Scientifically proven truth.
So far, the consequences have all been political I.e. conferences, debates and treaties.
Industry has complied by switching from burning fossil fuels to building wind turbines and solar panels. All very laudable but to what purpose?
The population of the planet is increasing geometrically and so is the amount of Carbon dioxide that we are producing, just by breathing.
Assuming we can keep feeding everyone and there are no natural disasters, global warming will continue regardless.
Is it not time that the politicians and climatologists turned their efforts to gaining some benefit from all the money spent on these conferences and accords?
Instead of writing further learned treatises showing incontrovertible proof that Polar bears will become extinct, the ice caps will melt, sea levels rise and many major cities drowned.
Instead of this, perhaps the experts could turn their attention to coping with their doom-saying.
Perhaps, moving new building to higher ground, instead of constructing expensive stop-gaps like the Thames barrier. The alternative may lie in learning to live in our own sewage like Venice.
Perhaps investigating how agriculture should adapt to new crops and fisheries to new food species.
Perhaps we should stop crying over the polar bear. We won’t save it by signing bits of paper.
If we must conserve the polar bear, it’ll have to be in zoo’s and cryonic chambers.
Climatologists have made the sale: Instead of badgering us into feeling guilty they should begin to earn their research grants and show us ways to adapt to what they can’t truly prevent


Sack the climatologists and hire people with solutions.

February 4, 2015

Why is “climate change” and “human-driven climate change” considered as equivalent.

There is no definitive proof offered for any human connection let alone that such changes are entirely, or mainly our fault.

Whilst climatologists keep pushing this absurd position, claiming the unscientific principle of “presumptive danger”,  politicians will focus on carbon reduction instead of planning for the consequences of the expected dangers / events.

We need to move to higher ground, if sea-levels expect to rise.

We need to investigate the effects on food production, if temperatures are expected to alter which crops are suitable in each locale.

If storms are to be greater, we should forget pushing double glazing and move towards smaller windows and stronger structures.

Stop doing a Canute on carbon footprints. stop building wind turbines, which won’t be operable in the strong winds that we are being warned of.

Cassandra needs to get off our backs and lead us to safer ground.