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Giving HMRC licence to raid our accounts is simply an extension of privatisation philosophy , so why are Capitalists upset?

August 28, 2014
Posted (27/8/14) to D.Express but not published.
I fully endorse Stephen Pollard’s attack on the The Government’s giving HMRC the right to seize our assets, without recourse to Law.
However; this attitude of mind has not suddenly sprung up out of some archaic political theory. It has evolved from a long-standing and fossilised view of political reality.
I notice that he was careful to blame Parliament, rather than the Government of the day. He was right to do so but, I believe, it was for the wrong reasons.
I’m glad that it was not a Labour Government in power, as he would have fouled up his well presented case with an attack on Socialism, ignoring the fact that this attitude, assumed by
all Parliamentarians, irrespective of party, has been the norm for decades.
I’m sure Mr.Pollard was, and is, a very strong supporter of the privatisation of British Gas, along with all subsequent sales of tax-payer funded assets and tax-payer subsidised services.
I also hope he sees and accepts the connection that I am trying to make.
For me, it is clear that the two party system has created a duopoly, which is neither Left wing, nor Right wing but serves its own agenda of self-perpetuation.
It’s concern is to gain greater power over us and to treat both Capital and Labour, as theirs to command.
It’s reflected in their refusal to let us have a say in membership of the EU, or the destruction of the NHS.
It’s reflected in their ever newer forms of taxation, including those raised by private companies and quangoes e.g. Hospital car parking charges, speed camera fines and reduced wheelie bin collections.
It’s as if we had hired a shepherd and he was not only selling us our own mutton, he was hiring out grazing rights on our pastures to our neighbours.
Perhaps, if Mr. Pollard were to look again at some of the policies he has supported in the past, he will see that they do encourage politicians to have this view of their role.