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@the greenparty. Separate motorised and non-motorised in 3D

October 16, 2011
above the traffic

I’d love to cycle places but unfortunately the roads are too dangerous. The green paint idea was stuuuuupid.!

Bike lanes that begin nowhere and end nowhere, or, worse, merge with bus lanes, seems to be a good way of killing cyclists.

Here, in Wigan, roads are still meant to serve horse carriage trade and don’t really cope with two lorries passing each other, at some points.

The most infamous is our own dear Saddle Junction, where bus lane, bike lane and the lane, for Other traffic, all merge to pass under a railway arch before immediately expanding into a five lane super roundabout.

Your problems in London (seemingly the only place that matters to any political organisation) are trivial: At least your Mayor is a dedicated cyclist.

If you want me to become a cyclist, then give me roadways that don’t take motorised vehicles (granny wagons with speed limiters are OK).

It wouldn’t necessarily increase congestion if you took a leaf from Chester’s book. combined with that of Warrington.

no cars up here




Yellow lines are a waste of money, outside of City Centres.

September 28, 2011
Is there really any point to painting yellow lines on the roads?
Unless there is a chance of incurring a penalty, a significant number of motorists seem oblivious to their presence.
If a road has no yellow lines, some less intelligent, or less considerate, motorists feel entitled to cause a major hazard by parking on blind bends, near junctions and similar places, as listed in “The Highway Code”.
Where there are yellow lines, but little chance of being ticketted, many simply put their hazard warning lights on, blithely ignoring the queues temporarily forming, while they avoid having to walk 50 yards or more.
Outside of the major city centres, there seems to be too little profit to warrant hiring traffic wardens and almost everywhere there seems to be too small a police presence for police to have their time wasted on issues, which don’t count towards the Chief Constable’s targetted statistics.
Why not just go back to prosecuting motorists, who create a hazard through their bad parking.
The Country could save millions on yellow paint.
Let’s go a step further and save on green paint; we could stop the nonsense of bicycle lanes that begin and end, without rhyme or reason.
No one takes notice of them, including cyclists.
In some cases they rise onto pavements, endangering pedestrians, and in other cases they suddenly merge with Bus Lanes, endangering the cyclists.
The Chancellor wants Departments to cut their budgets. I suggest that the Secretary of State for Transport might look at these issues and many of the measures, introduced by John Prescott, for substantial savings.

wigan reporter advert for wigan planning …Consultation planned over transport . LOL

July 27, 2011

Wigan Council have revamped their regular plan to tell us that we should abandon our cars and announced, via their publicity department, aka The Wigan Reporter, that they want to consult us on the traffic plans.

This was my contribution to the relevant Wigan Today forum:

Anyone checked out ,
 for the consultation document?
It’s entitled “wigan on the move” (I wonder if the council planners understand irony).
It tells you what they are going to do.
You are merely invited to agree with it.
Here’s a summary:
More bus lanes…. encourage people to walk into town….more cycle routes….. Park and ride schemes (usually means reduced and more expensive car parking)…. more yellow lines….no money for local congestion in places like Platt Street…….
The consultation will have little impact as they do not want to use the alternative, which is to widen roads and open up links that have been blocked.
The excuse is that there is no money, yet, at the same time they are going to build a new transport hub  etc. I.e.all the things that they intended to spend money on during the Congestion Charge Campaign.

These are things that can only be planned for, once prices and contracts have already been agreed with the relevant private construction groups.

They will have already spent millions on getting to this stage and will not drop the schemes just because we think they are a waste of resources and want to keep our cars.