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Various blogs 9 (3/6/2017)

June 3, 2017


The fatcat boss of British Gas is a blowhard.
The National Grid controls the distribution of Gas.

All his company, British Gas, does is sign up customers to give them their money.
It’s like Ticketmaster; it just handles the Admin, adding handling fees.
Anyone could set up a similar business

E.g. Nottingham council’s, which is non-profit.
If Labour wants to control fuel prices, it could confer preferred status on them.

I.e. transfer all Government purchases to Nottingham’s Company with direct access to a relevant Minister.
After leaving the EU, Labour could even subsidise that company.


So the Tory MP’s won’t be prosecuted and the Tories will get away with breaking electoral rules!

Not because they were innocent of doing so but because it couldn’t be proven that they intended to make fraudulent expenses claims.
That just leaves incompetence by their electoral team and/or ignorance of Electoral Law.
You’d think, though, that the people who run the country and who made the Electoral Law, would be aware that its intention is to prevent politicians buying elections, as they tried to do.
Whatever the truth, they were in charge of the country for 2 years and could become the next Government.
Inspiring thought.


The Tories have just escaped prosecution for electoral fraud, by claiming that they hadn’t realised that their use of battle-buses was against electoral rules. Now I read that they have a new understanding of them, claiming, according to your report, that they can’t release key NHS figures, which are now due.

Presumably they are so bad, they could affect how people vote.
I wonder if they have correctly interpreted electoral rules this time, though.

Has anyone checked?


The Mayor of London is quite right to berate First Group over the driver falling asleep on a tram.

This is especially so after the November crash of a tram run by this private company.

Maybe taking the trams into public ownership won’t solve the problem but this case could justify a prodder to ensure the driver stays awake, or help in the event of an accident, or other difficulty.

The prodders would serve a similar function to Guards on trains.


Fiona Phillips asked whatever happened to The Postman Always Rings Twice.
Of course the answer is he was privatised.
Watch a postman at work Today. No more jauntily strolling along, whistling a merry tune. They don’t have the time; they’re scurrying from house to house at a pace described by 1940’s Time and Motion Management as a “brisk pace”.
A similar effect of privatisation is apparent with refuse collection. Previously bins were collected from and returned to a homeowners premises (by Law).
Now the bin is collected from and returned to a place within 5 yards of the refuse collector’s route.
It’s Time and Motion.
It’s about profits and costs, not about efficiency, or service.

Published version

#|n her column, Fiona Phillips asked whatever happened to The Postman Always Rings Twice when it comes to the delivery of our online orders (May 20)? Of course the answer is, he was privatised.

Watch postmen at work today — no morejauntily strolling along, whistling a merry tune. They don’t have the time, they’re scurrying from house to house in a rush.

Similarly, with refuse and recycling collections, once upon a time bins were collected from and returned to the house — now they are left out on the street. It’s all about costs and profit — not about efficiency or providing a service.


One of the biggest concerns, seen on Twitter, in the aftermath of the Manchester bomb, was by people needing News of Loved ones.

The G.M.Police did eventually put out a phone number on twitter but in these cases even a few minutes, of uncertainty, is an eternity.
There must be procedures for co-ordinating the rescue services, it wouldn’t take too much effort to set up a prepared website, to which The Media and Public can turn.

Any advice phone numbers could be added, as they are set up., and there could be a page where parents could post a named picture of their child etc.

This could be consulted by police and medical staff, who need to be able to quickly identify the injured.

A related call-out , on Twitter, was for blood group “O” donors and another for food packs.

The Army has, presumably, field medical supplies, including artificial blood and ration packs, yet there was no mention of such items being deployed.

What does Cobra do?


As a civilised country, our Government bombs terrorists, who are hiding behind innocent foreigners in foreign countries and it feels totally justified in its actions.
The same politicians express shock and horror at anyone voicing the barbaric notion of executing those same terrorists here at home.
Indeed, the killers of Drummer Rigby will be accommodated, fed and watered, at public expense, for the rest of their days.
This is a deep-boned, racist hypocrisy.

We are at war with ISIS and whilst most of the fighting is taking place in the Middle East, they have their agents embedded in our homeland.
During WWII, when we were fighting in the same deserts, German agents and fifth columnists, caught here, were tried and executed, before they could do us harm.
With ISIS agents, we wait.
We wait and watch.
We watch them preaching sedition, passing out propaganda, stirring up hatred against others. Others, who may have fled here to escape their persecution.
We wring our hands and wait for them to kill.
We wait until they kill, because we are civilised and must obey the rule of Law.
Time to challenge this racism and change Our Laws, so that we apply the same moral code here and abroad.


The thing that worries me about the latest opinion poll figures is not that so many voters appear to still support the Tories but that, if these figures were turned into seats, Lib Dems would again hold the balance of power.
The even more worrying aspect would be if Labour were to form a coalition with them.

The best outcome would be if Labour continued to gain ground and Jeremy Corbyn became P.M., in time to save the NHS.
The least, worst outcom, for me, would be a Tory minority Government forced to think about every word they utter and every piece of legislation that they try to push through the House.
It would be the exact nightmare that Theresa May has tried to avoid by calling this GE.


After the court victory of the candy stripe house, it’s disappointing to read of the Hycinth Buckets giving Holly Willoughby grief, just for flying the Union Jack on her own house


The East Lancs Road (A580) connects the two newly created mayoralties of Liverpool and Manchester.
Midway, the old mining sites, near Haydock Racecourse, are being redeveloped as transport depots and such.
Eventually this road and others will have to be widened but, in the meantime, why not create a new adminstration centre in the area, providing hospital, police, fire and emergency Service facilities for both cities and capable of coping with the populations of the two cities and of Wigan, Leigh, Warrington and Bolton. The distances involved are comparable to those covered by the Greater London Rail Network.

Such a scheme could be implemented now, in time for the anticipated population increase of the next century.


When May suffers her night of the long Knives, who will fill her kitten shoes?

All of the Tory Cabinet are damaged goods and only a potential suicide would want to pick up the whip and try to unite them.

List them and see if you can pick out a capable leader.

Labour may be divided and pull in different directions but they have a leader, who will go where the Party wants to go.


@thegreenparty I hate Junk Mail, especially now it’s privatised @David_Cameron

May 22, 2014

The postman delivered a load of snail mail spam this morning. Junk from British Gas, Virgin media, Matalan and the Co-op.
A total equivalent to 8 sheets of highly glossed A4, which is not easily recyclable.
The last is my bone of contention.
I’ve immediately filed them in the appropriate wheelie bin (stuck in front of my house and not enhancing its main aspect).
So, A privatised State asset, paid for via my taxes, is now being used to enrich mainly Yanks, dumping junk mail on me, which I am then paying to get rid of; all the while being berated by sanctimonious bastards complaining that I’m destroying the environment.
I’m getting screwed and then being blamed for inviting it. Sound familiar?

@C4Dispatches how about a TV series on the existence of quangos such as GasSafe?

May 20, 2013

I recently came across this scheme on a TV program :

The organisation is called gassafe and is a substitute for the Corgi scheme, which was a privatised version of the State qualified Gas fitter.

The big problem is that with everything being privatised, cowboys are able to exploit the awkward/expensive bits of looking after voter’s welfare. We have had a few cases of houses being blown up by unqualified people setting up in business as gas appliance fitters.

Under State control, only the employees of British Gas were allowed to fit appliances. Now you can buy and fit such appliances yourself. If any fault occurs, then you are responsible for any mishap. If you do a poor job on your own property then it’s yourself, who dies of carbon Monoxide or gas explosion, so there’s no comeback.

Again, if you sell your house and the new owner’s don’t think to check your work (who would?) and consequently die, there’s little chance of the problem being traced back to you.

The same principle applies where the homeowner has hired a cowboy fitter. The only chance of discovery arises when a qualified fitter, connecting another appliance, happens (!) to detect the problem, the culprit can be named and the matter is pursued to a prosecution. Even, where such a detection and prosecution occurs, the justice system is so poor that the effort isn’t worth it.

So, it’s vital that people know of this scheme and are able to use it properly.

It’s also vital for housebuyers to be able to verify that their new home has appliances fitted by a suitably qualified person.

It was usual at one time for Government to ensure that public knew of such schemes, now it’s upto the individual privatised quango, which usually satisfies that requirement by making leaflets available to those who know to ask for them.

I would like to see a Channel 4 dispatches programme that looked into this issue and gave it a wider audience.

Then again, consider this:

Under the Nationalised Industry, there was no necessity for every citizen to be wary of such pitfalls: Safety (protection of the public)  was the responsibility of the Government.

(Personally I wonder what the point of Government is if it isn’t to protect us)

With privatisation and de-regulation, the number of quango’s has increased. As these are privatised, they tend to pay lip service to their public duties and the situation with telephone charging scams, cold calling, pest calls etc. has become ridiculous.

It would be a public service if The Channel 4 Dispatches team were to look into all of these quangos, whether privatised, or not, and told us what they are supposed to do, how they are supposed to do it, how they finance themselves, how effective they are, how we can ensure that they do their job properly and who we can complain to, when they fail.

A help site that summarises these facts, giving contact numbers etc. would be a public service.