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British Bacon

July 26, 2011
Despite all that’s wrong with European membership, it occasionally throws up a ruling, which points up the decrepitude of our own Parliament.
The new directive to label packs of water-filled bacon as exactly that is a brilliant example.
Food manufacturers started using this “Golden Tap” in the Eighties, to bulk up sausages. They then realised that this device could also inject water into meat, so allowing them to defraud their customers by selling water at the same price as meat.
One consequence has been that you can no longer fry packaged bacon, because of the spitting. Even grilling sees the emergence of white fluids onto the surface of the bacon as it shrivels to half its size.
Isn’t it better that Supermarkets sell waterless bacon and other meats, at twice the price, knowing the customer will still get the same amount of meat, without being defrauded, without having difficulty cooking it properly and without all the flavour leaving the product with the exuded water.
I know that some say that frozen chickens have to be pumped full of water, so that the freeze properly, but this is no longer a valid argument, since vacuum sealing does the same job of preventing freezer burn.
Shame on our MP’s for allowing this practice of adulterating our food and allowing European M.P.’s to show the way.