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September 15, 2014
Posted to Daily Express  15/9/14
Andy Burnham’s call for the NHS to be exempted from the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is disingenuous at best and almost Clegg-like in its intended duplicity.
The Labour Party, under Ed Miliband and his inner clique of advisor’s, is committed to membership of the EU.
The EU is committed to signing upto the TTIP, which will be in place before Cameron’s illusory 2017 EU Referendum.
Once this treaty is in place (which by itself should be triggering a Referendum), there will be no way back for the NHS and Burnham must know this.
Part of this new treaty will create a judicial body, which will arbitrate on any Government legislation, which the Multi-nationals object to.
E.g. The present Government is brokering a deal to hand over controls of much of the NHS to an American organisation, which will presumably be expecting to make a good profit.
If Andy Burnham were able to persuade his boss to end this contract, they would likely sue for loss of earnings, despite any faux exemption, and win.
The likelihood of Ed Miliband acceding to such effrontery from one of his shadow cabinet, is no more likely than that Labour will make any mention of EU membership in the coming election campaign.

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May 11, 2014

NHS waiting lists
As an older patient, I’m frequently required to arrange blood tests for myself.
Up until they opened a wonderful new medical centre (Tony Blair), I’d walk to the nearby clinic, sit down and wait for a call of “next”. Quick, efficient, in and out, at a time of my choosing.
With the advent of the new medical centre, I was required to phone for an appointment, of their choosing, often a week or so hence and at a time which was often inconvenient, because of traffic etc.

I would wait in a large communal waiting area for the technician to emerge from behind a locked door and whisper my name, as if into an empty warehouse.  She would wait for me to recognise my name and shamble over and then we’d both slowly walk to the designated cubicle. 15 mins of waiting 5 seconds of extraction and I was free.
What a colossal and stupid waste of everyone’s time and resources.

Fortunately, I, later, found there was an alternative involving a bus journey into the town centre, which was almost like the old “inefficient” system, except it used the rip- off- a- number system.
Hit it at the right time and it was a 5 minute wait. Wrong time and it was, at least, 30 minutes of your life gone. (a long time if it’s your lunch break, not so long if your life expectancy is a matter of  “a few more years yet”).

If  Hospital Trusts want to use IT, to show how up to date they are, then the ticket system is the best but could be improved by posting a running chart of recent lead times, for those waiting for attention, on their websites.

This could be automated and save all the fake waiting time statistics being compiled. Instead of providing statistics for politicians to throw at each other, we’d have a system where someone wanting to attend wednesday morning would, perhaps, see that they’d need to arrive just before 9:50 to avoid a long wait.  Attendance would become self-regulating and make more efficient use of resources.
In fact why not do this with GP appointments, with GP’s able to see any seasonal/localised fluctuations, requiring extra hours, or use of a temporary locum assistant?

Business has used such historical records, as long as I remember (Xmas staff etc.!). It’d end the alleged abuse of patients missing appointments and relieve patient frustration.

February 22, 2013

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I am concerned about the phrase “a firm, unambiguous commitment to repeal the 2012 Act as a priority once Labour is back in government, and to restore the lead on the commissioning of health services to local government” It means that private companies would still be able to tender. Whether by straight dealing, or by other means, this would continue the privatisation of the NHS. The mention of possible damage incurred is not placed alongside any mention of obtaining recompense and restoration. I would also have liked mention of care home financing.

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