#Brexit means cheap lamb for consumers, so large landowners are griping.


Sent to Daily Mirror 8/10/17
You report that if we go to WTO rules, we’d have to steal some of New Zealand’s quota for lamb imports to the EU.
My instant reaction is that this is a blatant lie.

Before we joined the Common Market, we imported New Zealand lamb and enjoyed it as our cheapest meat, other than fish.
Apart from the large landholders, who’d see anything wrong in the price of lamb and mutton falling to more reasonable levels?

The British public has no problem with frozen meat and, being outside the EU, we’d be able to increase New Zealand’s sale of lamb to us, so they’d actually welcome Brexit.

Caroline Lucas would also be pleased that animal welfare standards would be raised, as we would no longer be subjecting livestock to live transport across the Channel, to please the French demand for fresh killed meat.

British small-holding farmers were able to survive well enough, before we joined the Common Market, from the demand of gourmets for fresh killed meat.
It’s the large land-owning/farming companies, who’ll lose a lucrative share of the EU Market, who are raising this bogus claim.

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