The @DailyMirror campaign, to force an opt-out organ donation scheme on the UK, could be a cause for concern.

Would there be a lower age limit, or would those, too young to vote, be automatic candidates?
In view of the privatisation of the NHS and what we’ve seen with blood donations, would the trade in organs be administered by a private organisation (I include those claiming charitable status) and, if so, how would priorities be arranged? Hopefully not by auction.
Some people, because of religious beliefs, see their body as a temple to God and oppose desecration of that temple. It is likely that an over-zealous Hospital administration may be remiss in verifying that a deceased patient had opted out. Will there be sanctions for such cases, or will a “lessons will be learned” apology be deemed sufficient.
Will organs be harvested, “just in case”?
I’m sure there may be other issues but none seem to be addressed in this campaign, which dwells entirely on the feel-good gratitude of the recipients and the “everyone else is doing it” argument.




tweeted this last night. I wonder if the phrase “political cousins” will catch on.
“the Leader of the Opposition is one of a few Socialists The rest are political cousins”.


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