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Dan Jarvis is right to call on Labour MP’s to stop treating complaints on immigration as racism.
Such complaints are better understood by comparison with train journeys.
Of course some journeys will have empty seats but there will be some, where people will be packed like sardines, some sitting on the floor and some risking their health.
Those on the train will object to any more coming aboard.
Telling them that they are being racist won’t help and may even encourage them to accept the label out of anger.
The solution is to spend some money on more carriages.
In the same way, the best solution to racism in this country is to stop sacking public sector workers and create more jobs.
Build more houses, powerstations, reservoirs etc.
Create more public transport links.
Let Labour voters feel that they have some elbow room and won’t have to count their pennies.
In other words reverse all the policies of successive Governments since Maggie and re-nationalise.

published version (30/11/16)

#Dan Jarvis is right to call on Labour MPs to stop treating voters’
complaints about immigration as racism.
Telling people they are being racist when they have legitimate concerns
may even encourage some Labour voters to desert the party.
Labour voters need to feel they have some elbow room and a chance of
earning a fair wage.


When viewing the House of Lords, one sees many ex-MP’s, well over the age of 70.
Many make a useful contribution to their debates and it seems politics is one of those professions, where being old is not a problem.
In the wider world, most people find the life of work increasingly difficult upon reaching 60 and, indeed, once you’re past 50, you’ll notice employer’s taking a stronger interest in your abilities.
Look around most workplaces and you’ll see few people, especially men, over the age of 55.
I’ve no doubt that those public sector workers, reported as being made redundant, will mainly be in their 50’s.
True, we’re living longer but we’re still suffering the ravages of time and any talk of raising the pensionable age to 70 is a callous sentence of death for most of the population.
Who will employ these old wrecks? They can’t all work for B&Q.
Politician’s need to reconsider this intent, or are they also considering disenfranchising the old.

Paul Routledge’s piece about a snowflake generation was depressing, although his advice to them was sound, it is an extrinsic solution when an intrinsic solution is needed.
It needs a change in culture, which can be best implemented in schools,
The question is how it came about and what we can do about it.
It maybe that they’ve been over-protected with excessive H&S restrictions, too much separation from the realities of life with oven-ready chickens and restrictions against children having pocket money jobs.
Maybe they’ve been cowed by the lack of police protection from bullies and gangs, or from fear of being accused of committing hate crimes.
For me, their biggest handicap, pointed out by Paul Routledge, looks to be their inability to stand up in front of crowds and speak garbage, with confidence.
This ability seems to be key to achieving the best paying jobs of politics, sales, P.R., acting and all front room jobs involving the Public.
This is probably the one skill we need to copy from those who have attended Public Schools.
The US “Show and Tell” lessons, “mock elections and Debating Societies could possibly be more greatly emphasised in State Schools.


The Queen is said to prefer Windsor to Buck House and only uses Buckingham Palace for State functions.
Why not make a compulsory purchase?
Chequers could be fitted out for State functions, instead of being a second (rarely used) pad for the Chancellor.
Most of Buck House could be converted to accommodation for MP’s.
A new Parliamentary chamber could be built in the spacious Palace grounds and Westminster Palace could be sold off, saving the £3-4 Billion its refit will cost.


Capping whip lash claims for car accidents, shows up the farce of car insurance, which was originally enforced, by Law, to protect those hurt in car accidents.
The Road Traffic Act Insurance standard is no longer offered by Insurance Companies. In many cases their Third party, Fire and Theft has been totally supplanted by Comprehensive cover.
For many of us the “Service” offered by insurance companies is a legal imposition, which doesn’t make financial sense.
If Government wasn’t run for those, who own the Insurance companies (and will soon own our NHS), it’d make more sense to increase road tax and let the State carry the burden of those hurt in Road Traffic Accidents.
Those with expensive cars would still buy Comprehensive car insurance policies, without the threat of being arrested.


Jack Blanchard reports that the Chancellor is considering cutting air passenger duty in order to help those families, who are “just about managing” (JAM’s).
They truly have a different mind-set to the lower orders.
For them, “just about managing” probably means only having one foreign holiday a year, having a car that needs an MOT certificate, travelling by Second Class Rail etc.
For most, it’s having some money at the end of the week, having some Xmas presents for the kids, perhaps being able to afford a Newspaper.
It’s Mr Micawber’s definition of happiness.


I have a lot of sympathy with Prince Harry and his personal life.
It’s one thing to print pictures of his antics in a US hotel room, quite another to leer over the young woman, whom he is now romancing.
He’s a young man, who’s seen active service in a war zone and projected a far better image of this country than any present politician or celeb.
It’s fair enough to allow interest in his public life, although he’s not in direct line to the throne, but his private life seems unremarkable and doesn’t deserve the attention that it is getting from the Media.
Indeed, it is The Media, which controls this.
There are millions of trolls on Social Media but they are like piranha. They only nip into attack mode as part of a feeding frenzy.
We saw it, in the Media, with Brexit, where racists saw mainstream politicians sniping at immigrants and became emboldened to try to physically attack them in public.
IPSO is an irrelevance in such cases and it is up to Media Editor’s to take a responsible role.
In the case of Meghan Markle, it’s natural to report on her being seen with him, in public, but maybe the social media stories didn’t need encouragement by referencing them
As an example the papparazi telephoto shots of his sister-in-law sunbathing were not socially responsible and shouldn’t have been published. The black bars on the published photo’s made them worse in this respect.
Perhaps the Daily Mirror could take the lead, declare a self-censoring set of standards and promote them.
Try to make them the norm thoughout The Media, such that ordinary users of Social Media take them up and the Trolls feel isolated.


I hope, when Clinton makes her first speech to the nation,she has enough sense to incorporate a message of hope to those who voted against her, rather than for Trump.
It was quite clear on our screens that many black Americans were saying that despite successive Democrat Presidencies, they were still feeling oppressed.
Blue collar workers felt that they were being deprived of jobs and rhe ability to earn a decent living.
The Occupy movement reflects the feeling of many Americans that she only cares about those with money and that nothing has been done for those, whose houses were left empty, whilst they slept in trucks, after the sub-prime mortgages scandal.
There’s a lot of discontent in America and they have access to guns.


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