why keep crumbling buildings and outmoded traditions, when we plebs have to accept modernisation

If Republicans really believe our constitutional Monarchy needs updating, then lets clean house with Parliament first.
The pomp and circumstance of present Parliamentary traditions are a ridiculous relic of a period when the Rich turfed the peasantry off their land, so why keep it?
All State functions are being sold off in the name of efficiency, yet we still have MP’s voting by walking through lobbies.
We have the speaker elected and carried to his chair in a manner redolent of public school “high jinks”.
When there, he then spends most of his time calling for these same honourable members to come to “order, order, order”.
Black rod and the Queen’s speech are an unnecessary nonsense and would go, if we abandoned the Monarchy, anyway.

Either we keep these crumbling Palaces, institutions and farcical traditions, or we modernise, like any other rational nation.
If it’s felt that these places are important for tourism, we could keep just the facades that the tourists only ever see, as many our other cities have had to do.


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