@lfc some thoughts on tactics

How do you score goals against a good goalie?
You present him with the unexpected.
The first in this category is the “screamer” that comes from distance and curves into a far corner of the net.
I only mention this first because it’s the one that the media dwells on.
Most of “Match of the Day”‘s “goal of the Month” are such screamer’s.
This is not the most successful way of beating the goalie, because for everyone that’s on target, nine are wideshots and many are capable of being anticipated. e.g. many come from particular players shooting from the right hand corner of the goal area (goalie view), aiming at the top right of the net (attacker’s view).
The most successful is the penalty shot, because the goalie has a 1 in 5 chance of choosing the correct dive. That’s in theory. A really strong shot will beat the goalie every time, unless he makes the right guess and moves early.
If the shot is placed and the goalie waits to move, then the player improves his chances by aiming top middle. The assumption is that the goalie has to be seen to make a dive and can’t just stand there (like a dummy?).
This has to assume that the player relies on speed and doesn’t change his target. Second best target will be top left and then bottom right (gravity), if the goalie is a right hander.
Whatever, the situation and History demands, a blast to the goalies left is often most successful.
Next is open-play situations, where a close range deflection by defender, or attacker, is, by simple Geometry, going to enter the net. So crosses at waist height
(too low for a header, too high for a foot and too far from goal line for goalie to attack) is often a cause of a “fumbled goal”. Stats are low, because these goals are not “intentional” but account for many of those goals scored.
The last group are goals where goalie is turned one way and then the other. A corner to the far post, headed back across goal, out of goalie’s reach, is wide open to an alert attacker. A goal hound, who knows where he can pick up an easy chance.
A good goalie can beat a team’s “striker” by knowing his favoured moves. you’ll notice a lot of goals can come from (in an attacking team), not just from mid-fielder’s but from defender’s.
Main thing for attacker’s to do is look at the ball, when they kick it. Main thing for defender’s is to be so close to attacker, that they fail to do so. If the player looks up to see who to pass to, then a close attacker can nick the ball.
When a defender is chasing an attacker, he should run in a straight line for goal (greyhounds do this), keeping close but not tackling, unless he takes his eye off the ball.

For corners, position your attackers so they funnel the ball into the goal.
defending a corner have a man beyond far post and another on centre edge of goal area to return it to him, should it be headed out.



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