Bombing is civilised but capital punishment isn’t?

The murder of Jo Cox raises an old issue, for me, which I still puzzle over.
When I was young MP’s voted to abolish Capital Punishment, despite Public objections.
I think polls at the time were 90% for retaining it.
The reasons given, for abolition, were that it was barbaric, uncivilised and had led to the death of innocent people.
The puzzle is that modern technology has established, beyond a nano-crumb of doubt, who the murderer’s of Drummer Lee Rigby were.
The general public has witnessed the details of Osama bin Laden’s  assassination, the “drone”-ing of other Al Quaeda leader’s, the shooting of terrorists around the EU and a massive majority of our MP’s voting to bomb foreigner’s in their own land.
Voter’s would have to be schizoid to see how those deaths can be justified by our politicians, while the execution, after an expensive trial, of two such blatantly nasty individuals is to be considered uncivilised.
Can someone explain to me how maintaining such people in conditions, which some of our pensioner’s might envy, is civilised?

I can understand why our political elite don’t like referenda, because this is another issue which they’d have to claim was “only advisory”


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