@BBCNews still suggesting #brexit is causing problems

BBC breakfast had a piece, this morning, on how #brexit will affect business.

It’s based around a sugar refining business, which confesses that it will benefit from the reduction on import taxes (EU tariff charges) for the sugar.

One of the managers agreed that there will be other aspects that will need to be considered.

He said things like the paper wrapping is imported from EU countries.

We’re left to assume that this is a worry, for us, when it isn’t.

It’s a worry for the EU, because Other countries can supply paper more cheaply, once EU import taxes are removed.
They mentioned Health and Safety legislation and Worker Protection legislation.

Again we’re left to assume that this is a problem for us, when it isn’t.

Apart from the fact that all such legislation has been enacted into UK Law, most of it came from UK law.
The CE standards mark has merely replaced the British Standards kite mark and, apart from some weakening of electrical insulation standards, it was a direct steal from the British Standards legislation. Again, worker’s rights etc. in the EU are just a watered down copy of what we already had. (remember we went in under our last Socialist PM., Harold Wilson, so we would hardly have agreed to any weakening.)

This is black propaganda, using the omission of facts and leaving the younger generation to infer that we will be worse off after brexit

Note: Harold Wilson beat George Brown to the leadership, because Main Stream Media said Brwn was more Left Wing.


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