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These were letters to Daily Express


A snap G.E is a dishonest way of resolving Brexit.

The vote would be on the NHS and Benefits; the Tories would lose and Brexit would be achieved in name only.

The BBC is to plan another Science program to, allegedly, encourage more youngster’s to go into Science.
If we really want youngster’s to become Scientists and engineer’s wouldn’t it be more attractive, if we passed laws enabling them to have full patent rights over their achievements?
At present, any breakthroughs are deemed the intellectual property of their employers.
A good example being that portrayed in the TV series “The Big Bang Theory”.
The argument that the company has paid for them to do this work is a falsehood, as the company has not lost anything if the advance is simply discarded by the employee.
A parallel could be drawn with the Music Industry, where many artistes were once very badly exploited.
Nobody would think it right that the TV programs, that started the careers of many of Today’s top artistes, were to claim all royalties from their songs.
Why bother to struggle through years of exams to achieve a degree in a Science, only to be saddled with a student debt and to be told that all you’ll ever get for any major advances you make will belong to your employers, who, once they think you’re past your best, will let you go, so they can buy a newer, shinier geek.

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