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What was the point of having a referendum, if Parliament is now going to drop the pretence that we have a real democracy?
The EU referendum was the only time in most people’s lives that they had any say in how the country is run.
Now we are told that 660 (or maybe 600) MP’s are to be allowed to overrule that wish.
The notion of the Sovereignty of Parliament has changed from the people’s representatives overruling the Monarch to one where the people get a choice of two candidates for ersatz monarch, via the choice of their supporting courtiers.
Small wonder so few turn out to vote.

I’m no great fan of Sir Cliff Richard but I find it perverse that he can be named and shamed without evidence of wrong-doing, yet other rich celebrities have been able to take out super injunctions, which criminalise anyone, who publicly comments on their marital infidelities.
It is made more absurd, when, under EU law, people, guilty of marital infidelity, or worse, can prevent Google from displaying old news stories, or, as in one recent case, a current News story, published in Scotland, wasn’t allowed to be viewed by people in England.
Perhaps one of our numerous Select Committee’s could cast their eyes over these incongruities
Your piece about Hen Harriers being shot by gamekeepers, wanting to protect the grouse moors, points up that we are still a nation divided.
Not between the shooters and the conservationists but between those few, who see the grouse moors as their personal property, and the millions, who have never even seen them, nor are likely to.
Originally, those large area’s of our country were common land but are now privately owned by the rich and powerful.
It is more annoying with this little spat coming at a time, when people near here, in the North-West, are being told that some of the local Green Belt will have to be turned over to housing to accomodate the large numbers of young homeless and the anticipated influx of refugee’s.
We do need thousand of new homes.
We also the relevant infrastructure of roads, utilities, schools, hospitals etc. and NHS.
But paradoxically these are being slashed.
Now any little bits of open spaces, still left, will disappear, whilst vast swathes of land are kept aside for the pleasure and concerns of the minority, who rule over us.
It shows up the contempt of Government and The Rich, who care more for Hen Harriers and Grouse, than for us.

A snap G.E is a dishonest way of resolving Brexit.
The vote would be on the NHS and Benefits; the Tories would lose and Brexit would be achieved in name only.

According to My Supermarket website:
Snackrite cheese and onion crisps sell at 75p for 6 x 25g pack
Walkers cheese and onion crisps sell at £1.45 for 6 x 25g pack (nearly double)
Walkers claim, that the proposed 10% increase is about the cheaper £ raising the cost of raw materials, is a falsehood.
It’s about maintaining their already fat profit margin going back to Pepsico shareholder’s in the USA.

You report that Military Intelligence chiefs ask why the Government has no plans for a tank to rival Putin’s Armata, for at least 20 years.
It seems strange to me that our Military Intelligence chiefs aren’t up to the standards of the Russians.
The stand-out example of this was the development of Concordski.
Our Military Intelligence chiefs should already have the full specs on Armata and the Government should already have contracts on line for their construction,assuming our Military Intelligence chiefs actually think we’re likely to come up against the Armata.
Else why do we have Military Intelligence chiefs?

If Dr. Dirk Notz, of The Max Planck Institute for meteorology, is seriously concerned about Carbon Dioxide emissions from cars, then he should stop churning out spurious stats such as “every 2400 miles …creates 1 tonne”.
It seems climatologists prefer playing Cassandra to offering solutions.
Maybe it’s to do with drumming up more research funding from clueless politicians.
Carbon dioxiide from cars depends on engine size and speed, obviously.
More specifically, a car stuck in a traffic jam will produce 100x more for the mileage, quoted.
Instead of just attacking cars, which are essential to modern life, he should attack traffic schemes, which impede a smooth flow of traffic and increase stress for working people forced to commute over routes, inadequately covered by public transport.
It won’t get him any funding and it’ll irritate politicians but it would actually be a more socially responsible approach.
Government should play their part by encouraging more telecommuting.
E.g. why do MP’s have to go in to Parliament to debate?
Businesses could stagger working hours, so there is no rush hour.
Councils could stop blocking rat-runs and create more traffic overspills, instead of funneling them into bottlenecks.
More real solutions, not just plans for electric cars, which could well be a greater liability if stuck in a traffic jam and are, as yet, still polluting the Planet by relying on electricity produced by burning fossil fuels.

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