clickbait and other advertising images sent to my computer can not claim copyright.

Signing off from hotmail, I get clickbait. Fine if it’s telling me something interesting but usually it’s just wait 30 seconds, while we download more clickbait.



Number’s 1&2 are simply annoyances trying to play on the fact that my IP number gives my location.

This is an immediate ignore.

Number’s 3&4 are playing on the fact that these two women were much admired by male viewers in their day and hare now considerably older. If your curiosity is piqued just copy their names into Google and click images. No need to sit and watch the swirly for an hour.

5. would only be of interest to those, who are too busy starting the second year of sixth form.

6. Is obviously just a failing furniture company trying to part fools from their money.

How do companies make money from these irritations?

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