Identity theft is a misnomer for bank fraud @Daily_Mirror

Sent to the Daily Mirror 23/8/16

I’m pleased that Gloria Hunniford was reimbursed by the bank for the theft from her account.
I am pleased more that she, as a high profile figure, is taking this matter further.
The big issue is her bank’s apology, saying that “she had been the victim of a scam”, when she obviously wasn’t.
The bank was the victim of the scam.
Gloria Hunniford was the victim of the banks malpractice.
She wasn’t a victim of identity theft. She didn’t leave her identification papers lying around, where anyone could steal them. She didn’t drop her purse in the street.
This was a crime of deception, where the bank was at fault.
Unfortunately for many low profile people, it seems that the onus is placed on them to prove that they are not guilty of deception.
The term “a victim of identity theft” perpetuates a lie.
The banks need to come up with some better means of security, when, since the advent of the Data security act, every large organisation now demands to know “your mother’s maiden name” and other, more ridiculous, personal trivia, before they’ll discuss any issue’s.
It is the bank, which takes money out of a customer’s account.
If they do so, wrongly, then that is theft.
The onus should be on the banks to devise a means of ensuring that they do not misappropriate funds and to immediately reinstate such funds, without question.
It is up to legislator’s to bring this about, because the banks have no real motivation and no concept of a moral duty.


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