@Daily_Mirror contactless card theft is not new

Sent to the Daily Mirror 23/8/16
Another article in the Daily Mirror raises the issue of contactless card theft.
This issue had already been well trumpeted in the USA, years before the banks forced it on us.
When first introduced in the States, there were problems with card readers grabbing the cash from cards a few metres away.
Card readers had to be deliberately re-set to only “see” about 30 cm.  Even so, there were reports of cash being taken from the wrong card, causing some customer’s to incur bank charges on a subsidiary account.
There are tales, on-line, of traders setting up bank accounts to receive small amounts for the sale of low cost market stall items such as sets of socks etc.
With readers set to a few metres, an unattended cash till on a stall, next to a busy pavement, could register huge sums, very quickly.
Individuals checking their card statements every month, might notice an unusual £3.99p but would they react to it?
In a month, the trader is mega-rich, the bank is not discomforted and the customers accept it as a fact of life.
All it needs is for the banks to provide metal shielded card cases (Faraday cages) but why should they bother?

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