@DailyMirror thanks to Alison Phillips for “the outraged”

I totally agree with Alison Philips’ little rant about the Outraged.
It’s good that people object to anti-social behaviour but there is an element of pitchforks and firebrand mentality in some people’s race to be outraged.
There is also an element of hypocrisy in outrage triggers.
For instance, we all know what the c-word is and I can use that euphemism freely, safe from attack but if I used the actual word that the c-word represents, “the outraged” would pour forth from their anonymity and savagely berate me.
Similarly, if Jimmy Carr cracked a joke about dumb blondes, there’d be letters in the paper’s but the same joke about a named woman (Katie Price is usually a target) would be blithely accepted, no matter how biting or cruel it was. (defended by “get a sense of humour”).
The worst is political outrage, which soils serious debate.
I agree that a gong for Sam Cam’s hairdresser is outrage-ous but where was the same degree of outrage when he gave an MBE to his own hairdresser?
Thanks for the “outraged”.
I was trying to think of a neat term for such soap-box orators, having had to reject prodnoses, puritans and pod-people.
Maybe “the outraged” will catch on and quieten down over-reactions.

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