@DailyMirror Paul Routledge’s attack on Jezza is merely name-calling

Paul Routledge’s column headline is:”I vote Owen over scarecrow Jezza”.
This begs us to judge the man by his perceived appearance.
I don’t think that is a an intelligent way to pick a party leader.
The vote for Corbyn reflects the public support for his policies, the way he presents them and the confidence that they have in his integrity.
Owen Smith may look prettier, as did Cameron and Blair, but is that not what we want, or need.
It is people, like Paul Routledge, who think that voters can still be deceived by a little name-calling, who are the dinosaurs now.
This is a generation, which abhors attacks on people, by the use of labels and embraces them for being true to themselves.
This the generation of Gay Pride and Black lives Matter.
This is the generation, which will vote Corbyn and reject those who seem shallow.

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