@jeremycorbyn a national wage needs a national job service

They were saying back in early 80’s that IT would mean a large unemployed contingent.
They started pushing 16 yr olds at tourism, sports and other leisure activity courses.
Then, in the 90’s, G8 started the privatisation drive with Education and Health .
Major had already started the re-organisation of NHS and Blair went at Education.
Instead of educating for leisure, everyone was going to require qualifications for even most trivial tasks.
Best thing was, instead of getting dole, plebs would fund their own training.
Kids who were previously classed as ESN would now achieve the equivalent of 5 ‘O’-levels and 50% of people over 30 would have degrees (apeing USA) e.g. Homer’s diploma from clown school.
Point is there are too few jobs for population and too many people now believe that they are too well qualified to do “menial” jobs.
Families, who would spend school holidays collecting the Harvest, now leave it to East Europeans.
The whole problem needs a re-think. the dole has to be a fail-safe.
You can’t just leave people without goals.
Some can cope with idleness but many can’t; they turn to drink, drugs and general nihilism.¬† That”s why destroying Remploy was such a stupid act.
If we have a national wage, it has to be for a National job and it is the Governments responsibility to provide both.
The Big Society could be made to work if volunteer’s could be given work credits.
Fruit farmers could buy work credits from the Government and pay their workers with them.
People turning  16 could be awarded a years work credits with their NI number.
Olympic competitors could earn them etc. etc .
Everyone drawing dole could buy real cash with work credits.
Those without any work credits could be assigned socially useful tasks such as reading to patients, clearing weeds in old people’s gardens, or any of the jobs that Cameron wanted people to do for free.

I’m retired and can amuse myself but from my reading there are many who can’t cope with idleness.
I’m not concerned about those who object to idleness.
I’m concerned about those who haven’t been taught to motivate themselves.

Funding can be from increasing state ownership of shares and dividends


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