A sop, by EU, to appease French farmers, protected name status is last block to #TTIP

As someone, who lacks a refined sense of taste, I find the protected name status a puzzle.
I can’t see how anyone can distinguish Welsh lamb from any other lamb, especially, when covered in mint sauce.
I marvel at James Bond’s ability to fork out huge sums for named Champagnes but always has to check the label to be sure.
On the other hand, if there are people with a more refined palate and deeper wallets, then they have the right to indulge themselves.
I’m confident that the French will insist, as part of any Trade negotiation, that the protected name status, demanded by their farmer’s, will be kept.
Indeed, reports are that this aspect has been the main barrier to the signing of TTIP, with USA food producer’s having woken up to the fact that they’ll have to re-label their, allegedly, plastic cheeses.
Our posh food producer’s are worrying unnecessarily.

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