“Labour together” sounds good but can you trust a Lothario?

Labour Together has come too late.
Around here, there were four Labour clubs, within walking distance.
Three have been closed and demolished in recent years , with one taken over by the local community, as its only venue for a social gathering.
My impression was that New Labour no longer felt it necessary to nurture its core vote, having decided to become “Centrist” and chase the Tory voters, whilst trying to entice donations from Big Business
(instead of relying on the meagre income offered by a diminishing workforce).
Labour doesn’t have the money to replace these Labour clubs, where Councillors and MP’s could mingle with their electorate and learn first hand what they thought, whilst offering a place that fostered community spirit and a nursery for activists.
All that Labour Together can do is to continue their incestuous meetings in Whitehall and Townhall’s, assuring each other that they are all working towards a common end (behind Jeremy? or maybe Hillary, or Yvette, or someone more Right wing.) and that they have the key to understanding how to get Labour voters to want to not only want to stay in the EU but to want to bother to vote (mainly by autodial badgering).



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