Time to scrap UN and its committee’s.

Letter to Daily Mirro 24/5/16
Your article on “smacking” begins with the statement that a panel of experts have called on the UN to ban smacking.
The use of the word “expert” gives their views added weight but what are they experts in?
Parenting? Smacking? Violence?
Degree’s and Diploma’s merely mean that you have absorbed the knowledge and views of someone else with similar qualifications.
They do not necessarily mean that you are right or even that you know what you are talking about.
By their very actions, of appealing for legislation, they have admitted that violence works.
How else would the UN implement that Law?
As a parent I adminstered a slap on the legs three times, only, but I was fortunate in that my children were of a suitable nature to accept that correction.
Not everyone will conform to acceptable Law, else we wouldn’t need prisons and there’d be no Wars.
We have to accept that we can’t make Law that prevents violence.
We can only punish and/or restrain those who cross a line.
The question is the whereabouts of that line.
Our present Law has it right in avoiding criminalisation of decent people.
It allows “reasonable” chastisement and that works for the vast majority.
I suspect that these “experts” only deal with the minority; those who use excessive violence and have emotional problems.
The only real concern is that Judges and Police be capable of deciding what’s reasonable in each case brought to them.

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