@jeremycorbyn I would like to see Tuition fee’s scrapped, certainly not allowed to rise freely.

Letter to Daily Mirror 17/5/16
If you agree that College Students should be charged for tuition fee’s, then allowing annual rises seems logical.
I question the need for tuition fee’s at all.
As a Baby Boomer, I was fortunate enough to be born at a time, when the common people were considered worthy of equality of opportunity; hence, the Welfare State.
I, like many of the politicians, who brought in tuition fees, was able to, not only, have those costs paid by the State but also given a grant to pay for my living expenses, away from home.
The case given, at the time, was that the Nation relied on an educated workforce to provide its wealth.
The more Engineer’s, Scientists, Innovator’s etc, that we produced, the greater our ability to pay our way in The World.
That argument doesn’t fail just because Thatcher decided that we should rely on The City and its modern day “adventurer’s”.
It doesn’t fail because Tony Blair’s “education x 3” meant that you, now, needed qualifications just to drive a fork lift truck.
The Nation still needs skilled people in certain area’s and it should be investing in them.
This sort of investment fits in with both Socialism and Capitalism and is one of those area’s that points up the whole idiocy of the ideology of the State shedding its responsibilities onto the Private sector.
Let the Private Sector run its own private education system, where it’s prepared to invest its own money.
If a company wants to run a Clown College (Homer Simpson), that’s not a problem, although company turning out fake architects would be.
Why have another company trying to keep track of whether graduates have reached a salary level, whereby they can begin repaying these fee’s?
We already have a mechanism to recoup the costs of the fee’s: It’s called Income Tax.
If your degree or diploma has any value, then you will be remunerated at a level, whereby you will be paying more tax, anyway.
If Labour were to get in power and remove this burden, they’d earn the gratitude of a generation facing huge debts, on all sides.
They’d also earn the gratitude of their parents.
They might even earn the gratitude of businessmen, who’d appreciate interviewing graduates whose qualifications were reliable.

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