#EUref Politicians who despise populism and those voting for Trump need to re-evaluate their own attitudes.

Letter sent to Daily Mirror 27/5/16:
It is a sign of our times that Jean-Claude Juncker’s aide, Martin Selmayr, felt free to comment on the emergence of Mr. Johnson, Mr. Trump and Marine Le Pen as
“a horror scenario that shows well why it is worth fighting populism”.
It reveals an ignorance of the political scene shared by the people around him.
It also suggests that he and they despise the concerns of ordinary people.
Essentially, they oppose Democracy and believe themselves an aristocracy with a superior understanding of what’s best for the people over whom they have been given power.
It is worrying that such people do not realise that it is their contempt for voters, which has led to the emergence of these three clownish figures.
It is not these three, about whom they should be concerned, but their own arrogance and its potential consequences.
It’s as if the riots in Italy, Greece, Spain and France were mere irritations, rather than portents of a future that ill fits their European dream.
Taking an analogy; it wasn’t Fletcher Christian, who caused the Mutiny, aboard the Bounty, but Captain Bligh’s arrogance and his treatment of those who actually sailed the ship both before and after he lost command.



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