Do we need a Police Force now it’s been cut to a point where it is no longer able to function properly.

Letter to Daily Mirror 20/5/16
Theresa May is ultimately responsible for policing, regardless of the imposition of PCC’s to distance herself from cuts. Cuts, which are a consequence of George Osborne’s fictitious Austerity.
When people like Paul Smart, report a crime being actively committed, it is imperative that police respond and promptly.
It is not good enough shifting responsibility around, or appointing Counsellor’s and Press Officer’s to attempt to placate the victims.

Theresa May has three options: Ignore the Treasury and start signing off on police budgets, resign, or sack everyone in the line of command, down to the cop who told Mr. Smart that they were too busy.
Sorry, there is a fourth possibility. Scrap all pretence of running a police force, scrap all courts and scrap all prisons.

At present our Society is running on Inertia, with Government’s main concern being to poke into the intimate details of the lives of law abiding citizens, whilst protecting the privacy of those with money and paddling pools.

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