political problems might be easier to handle if thought of in terms of family issues

So much of our lives is controlled by decisions based on the philosophies of academics. These philosophies are based on a kernel of truth, which has then been expanded on, all too often to a point at which they become distorted and no longer relevant to the real World.
Karl Marx had a view on a World and a time, where Capitalism had become so distorted that it was destroying people’s lives and the World we lived in.
Communism developed from trying to implement solutions based on his philosophies and then distorted into Stalinism and Maoism, which became as evil as the Victorian Capitalism they were intended to cure.
The resurging Capitalism embraced the idea’s of Milton Friedman and developed into a notion of privatisation of all State run functions. When it came to our shore’s in Thatcher/Reagan era, it was well received because of the abuse of power that the Trade Union Baron’s were yielding. Privatisation of State run utilities was seen as a means of undermining that power and it did so; so successfully that its proponents ran rampant perverting the whole function of Government.
Instead of protecting the realm, they have been selling it; oblivious to the fact that once it has been asset-stripped, they, like locusts, will have nothing left to protect or sell.
The philosophy, now labelled as Neo-Liberalism, is creating a situation that will become as bad as Victorian Capitalism, or Stalinism.
Government needs to rein in this trend and create a new mind set, based on a new philosophy.
I don’t know what it should be but I offer this suggestion for those who may be able to contrive one.

When faced with a National, or International, problem, consider an analogy with a family level.
An intelligent householder doesn’t sell the house and furniture, then rent them back.
He doesn’t, then, take in lodger’s in the hope that they’ll provide sufficient income to keep themselves and him, which is what Neo-liberals would do.

Take the idea to other problems, with which Government is meant to cope.
Example 1:
A country faces a Civil War, what should we do? Stand by, or force our way in and separate the factions?
If it was a husband and wife fight, what would we do?
If it spilled out into the street, there’s no doubt that most people would step in and separate them.
If it was just raised voices reaching the street, most would ignore it, or treat it as a soap opera.
The problem comes when screaming is heard, which is the point at which Police might be summoned.

Example 2:
Should we stay in the EU, or leave it.
An analogy might be that you run a family shop and you joined a group of similar family businesses to buy goods in bulk and share services. Suppose then, that other member’s of the group, having been given executive powers, become more ambitious and want to amalgamate into a chain of shops with a brand name. At the same time they declare that their aim is to centralise all management functions in a new suite of offices, which they’ve bought. They’ll control all financial, human resources, tax returns etc. You will become an employee of the new Company but with the right to attend shareholder meetings and vote on the Board’s decisions.
What should you do?
Should you stick with the group, unable to grow your own business, implement your own idea’s, employ people you choose. If you leave, you might fail but there are other’s, like you, who are prepared to agree to bulk buying and sharing resources, without making demands on how much you sell, or at what price.
Possible security (not guaranteed), with lots admin., or possible risk of failure but freedom to make your own decisions.

Example 3:
Should we keep Trident?
You live in a rough neighbourhood. On your side of the street are the Yanks, a large bossy family, with lots of money, muscle and a willingness to use both.
On the other side are the Nasties another large bossy family, with lots of money, muscle and a willingness to use both.
You’ve a gun that needs bullets. Question is should you give up eating this week, so you can buy six bullets for it. (an extra thought is that your other neighbours want you to let them keep the gun and bullets in their house).


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