Why are Police so quick to close Motorways. Use technology to keep traffic flowing.

The closure of a motorway, because of the action’s of one man, demands a better response than criticising the taxi passenger’s who scrambled up the motorway embankments to catch their scheduled flights.
Of course, the supposed, potential suicide deserves our concern but there has to be a better way of dealing with Motorway stoppages than just stopping the flow of traffic
Each life is precious but what about those of the people in the traffic.
Their concerns are shrugged off with a “Sorry for the inconvenience”.
As if the inconvenience is always trivial, like standing in the shopping queue, whilst some female fumbles in the various sections of her purse for the right change.

There were quite a few people inconvenienced enough to scramble up that embankment. There possibly other’s, resigned to missing their flights, because they were incapable of clambering. One assumes the flights were important. A missed flight could have been a once in a lifetime holiday, even a honeymoon. It could have been imortant business meeting, where failure to be on time meant a missed contract and closure of a factory.
There’s the inconvenience of stress inducing a stroke, or heart attack. The inconvenience of trying to find somewhere to relieve a bladder, or colon, without undue embarassment.
There were lots of people in that traffic jam there are lots of ways people could have been seriously inconvenienced, making it a certainty that some were harmed in some measure.
There may well have been unregistered after effects, as people tried to make up for lost time:
A driver may make a reckless manoeuvre, causing a fatality.
A passenger in haste to catch a train, may be careless crossing a road.

Firemen are portrayed saving jumper’s from burning buildings, using specialised blanket’s.
Helicopter’s in warzones are shown with vehicles slung underneath.
Car’s in scrapyards are lifted off the ground, using electro-magnets.
Laser camera’s can create accurate 3-D images of a crash site for later assessment.
High resolution digital camera’s can pick out the minutest details of an accident scene.
Air ambulances can access the most awkward sites.

It should be possible, based on past experience of incidents, to sit down and devise a means of minimising the delays to traffic.
We are allegedly in the midst of austerity measures (HS2?), meaning that cuts to motorway services have been demanded but this is false economy.
Ignore the cost in increased ill-health induced by stress. Just the damage to the balance of payments by all those vehicles idling their engines should be enough to warrant putting more thought into preventing traffic hold-ups.



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