@OwenJones84 @jeremycorbyn I think @yanisvaroufakis is wrong about EU.

I watched this video clip of Yanis talking to Owen Jones and was initially impressed until I came to think about his premises.

I then wrote this as response on Facebook..

I do like Yanis Varoufakis. and I think he is a very intelligent man with a lot of political insight but I think he’s wrong to believe we can control the EU and to propose that disintegration of the EU will foster right wing parties.

I think he has started from the (Spanish Civil War) position of equating fascism with Nationalism and Socialism with Internationalism and it’s not relevant in this situation.

Money and Bureaucracy are above these two opposing political realities.

Bureaucracy and Money see the left and right issues as an irrelevancy in the first case and a useful tool in the second.
A bureaucracy is about rules, it doesn’t care about who makes the rules, or why., It only cares about enforcing them.

Money doesn’t care about who does what to whom, or who effects it.

Money cares only about how it can make a profit from the conflicts.
We must have Brexit.

We must see the EU fail.

Better a few bloody noses than enslavements of Continents.




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