@TheGreenParty @NicolaSturgeon transport needs to move overhill in mountainous regions

Before building HS2 and a tunnel road through the Pennines, why not consider the following system for freight.

Most of the congestion on motorway’s and railways is caused by freight, which may only be shifting between depots.

If we take a cable car system, such as this one in Singapore, we could make it sturdier and track it overland up the Pennines, where it would not affect built up area’s.


It could be multiple tracks, with switchover points and having termini, outside of the major conurbations.

These Termini could be in container parks, where container’s can be transferred to local road and rail.


The technology for handling container’s is already here, as is the technology for Dirigibles.


By combining dirigibles with cable tracks, the transport cost’s would be comparatively low, as the energy needed to move these effectively weightless container’s would be minimal.

The actual energy needed could be mainly supplied by alternative energy sources, constructed concurrently with the cable car towers, or even incorporated into them.

The obvious energy source would be a wind turbine


But there are alternative versions, which might be better suited.

See http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/energy/a4428/4324331/



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